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A Comprehensive Guide: E-Commerce Payment Processing

It is a proven fact that contemporary consumers are favouring eCommerce companies more and more. Although physical stores are still around, today’s consumers prefer the ease of online buying.

As a result, offering your goods and services online enables you to boost sales and provide better customer care.

The success of your online store depends heavily on the processing of eCommerce payments. After all, without a reliable payment option, customers won’t be able to make purchases on your website.

We’ve put together a concise post detailing the advantages of online selling and how to handle payments efficiently in order to further clarify eCommerce payment processing.

Here is all the information you require regarding eCommerce payment processing and how it may benefit your company.

How Can Solutions for eCommerce Benefit My Business?

When receiving payments in person is not an option, there are numerous eCommerce options that can help, from accepting credit cards and debit cards online to setting up your personalised web store. When a customer is prepared to check out, they may do it quickly and effortlessly from your website.

Your customer can access the checkout page after adding goods or services to their shopping basket. There, users can input the information from their debit or credit card and complete the digital payment procedure. When properly configured, this method enables your consumers to finish their purchase from beginning to end without ever leaving your website or the comfort of their home.

Why are these remedies so crucial?

A modern firm must have online payment options. You cannot accept payment options that are quickly becoming the norm in the market without them.

Due to this, these payment services are absolutely necessary for any business, whether it be an offline store or an internet service. However, these options offer even more advantages.

Serve a Wide Range of Clients

Your company can accept credit card payments quickly and easily using the online payment system. You can offer your consumers a simpler option to make their purchases through your own website rather than using the time-consuming path of bank transfers or check payments.

This gives you the chance to increase your reach to potential clients who are either using your services remotely or are unable to visit your business site.

Maintain Your Brand’s Consistency

You can keep your brand consistent while accepting online payments since you can design your shopping cart and checkout procedure exactly how you want it to be shown.

By doing this, you can avoid having to point customers toward websites or payment options operated by third parties. This increases customer confidence in your business’ operations by giving them the reassurance that they are doing business with a larger, more reliable organisation.

Experience Industry-Grade Security

Reputable online merchant account service companies give their products and services without jeopardising the safety of your clients. To ensure that the information about you and your clients is secure from threats, they adhere to the most recent industry and security requirements.

You may raise the level of confidence your clients have in your eCommerce solutions by collaborating with reputable payment processing providers. No longer do potential clients have to question whether they can trust your company with their financial information. They feel more at ease doing business with your company when they realise that their payments are protected by well-known security standards.

Shorten the revenue cycle

You may have a distinct advantage when it comes to increasing your revenue stream thanks to online payments. You can accept payments at the time of order placement rather than having to wait until after the delivery of the items.

This shortens the time it takes to collect payments and helps you manage out-of-pocket expenses more effectively. It is also one of the most obvious explanations for why an increasing number of companies are using online payment methods to run their operations.

eCommerce payment processing is a popular option for businesses of all sizes due to its convenience and security.

The Requirements for Accepting Online Payments

After discussing the advantages of eCommerce payments, let’s examine how the procedure truly operates. Three key elements are often involved when accepting payments online:

Transaction processor. The organisation that sends payment information between the customer, their bank, and your bank is known as the payment processor. The processor communicates with them to confirm the availability of funds and send transaction approvals.

Payment portal. In order for the data to be delivered to the payment processor, the payment gateway’s job is to collect the payment information entered into the eCommerce platform. The gateway can be compared to the online version of a card reader or point of sale (POS) device at a physical store.
business account. The money will be put into the merchant account.

These three organisations work together to simplify the online payment procedure. It is crucial to make sure that they are all tightly connected because of this.

The Best eCommerce Payment Providers to Use

Since there are many moving pieces in online payments, picking the proper partners is crucial. Depending on where you are in your organisation, implementing online payments will appear different.

Speak with the merchant services company you now use. Use your current merchant services or payment processing provider if you already have a store or business and are only wanting to create an online store.

They frequently have built-in shopping cart and payment gateway features, making it simple to open an online store.

To keep your tools and data in sync, be careful to enquire about the payment systems they interface with.

Look for service providers who can connect to your preferred eCommerce platform. It might make sense to hunt for a preferred eCommerce supplier if you don’t already have one, then evaluate which solutions can integrate with the platform.

Whatever the situation, it’s crucial to make sure that your eCommerce site, payment processor, and payment gateway can “speak” to one another to ensure smooth data flow and prompt payment.

Finding the Right Payment Provider

Finding the best payment method might be difficult because there are so many options available. Here are some helpful considerations to make while assessing payment processing services.

Supported forms of payment

Select a payment system that enables you to take all forms of payment. Processing for debit and credit cards is standard, but keep in mind that some customers might opt to pay with ACH, eChecks, SMS, and other methods as well.

You may provide your consumers with better service by selecting a provider that accepts all of these payment methods. For instance, Stax accepts a number of payment methods. Stax’s platform includes all the features you require, including credit and debit cards, mobile payments (like Apple Pay), ACH, and invoicing.

Process charges

Payment acceptance carries a cost. Your entire payment processing charges include interchange fees, assessment fees, monthly fees, and other expenditures. Make sure to ask service providers how much they charge and compare various prices because these expenses can add up.

Select a payments partner who doesn’t take a sizable percentage of your sales for the greatest outcomes. For instance, Stax offers you access to the interchange’s direct cost (i.e., wholesale transaction fees).

You’ll just have to pay Stax a flat membership fee as opposed to standard processors, who assess a set percentage per transaction. This allows you to keep more of your profits while also making payment processing costs more predictable.


Pick a service provider that provides a high level of payment security. Having a PCI-compliant provider is obviously necessary to guarantee the security of card transactions. Keep in mind that not all providers offer the same level of protection.

There are various degrees of PCI compliance, with Level 1 being the highest. Stax provides the highest level of compliance possible as a Level 1 PCI Service Provider.

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