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Six Reasons to Enroll in IAS Preparation.

IAS exam preparation

Without any preparations, clearing the IAS examinations is a difficult task. It’s difficult for everybody to be a natural-born genius. Especially if you are incredibly talented, IAS coaching will provide you with numerous added benefits that you won’t even find in textbooks or YouTube. With the advance of science, IAS …

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Conflict Minerals And Its Regulation Types

conflict minerals compliance

What are ‘conflict minerals,’ and what do they mean? The minerals trade could be used to support militant forces, fuel forced labor and other abuses of human rights, and assist corruption and money laundering in unstable political areas. Tin, tantalum, tungsten, and gold, also referred to as 3TG, are so-called …

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5 Factors That Affect The Mental Health Of Children

Mental illness

COVID-19 is said to be the “eye of the storm” for a broad spectrum of issues that affects human life and the mental health of children in the current testing times. Ever since the outbreak of COVID-19, children are being restricted from enjoying outdoor activities and the usual social interaction …

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