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Save MBOX File Data in Office 365 Account

How to Save MBOX File Data in Office 365 Account?

In this digital age, users are transitioning from on-premises email clients to cloud-based services. As a result, they are attempting to migrate from MBOX-compatible email clients to the industry-leading Office 365 package. This article will walk you through all of the options to Save MBOX File Data in Office 365 Account.

Microsoft Office 365 is a company-controlled cloud-based email client. As a result, it delivers equivalent privacy and security. You may use the numerous productivity programmes included in the Office 365 package, such as Skype for Business, Excel, and Live Exchange. Businesses utilise it because it improves the effectiveness of workplace communication.

MBOX files are generally used to store data for on-premises email clients such as Thunderbird. As a result, importing MBOX to Office 365 or any cloud email provider requires you to migrate all of your mailbox data as well. Before we provide you with the technique, let us first analyse the reasons for the import process.

Why Transfer EMails from MBOX File into Office 365

The reasons for performing the MBOX to Office 365 import are as follows.

  • If users switch from an MBOX-based email client to Office 365, they may be forced to import MBOX.
  • Users want to migrate to the email client in order to take use of Office 365’s superior services.
  • On-premises email clients that employ MBOX provide less accessibility than Office 365.
  • MBOX files are prone to damage and corruption, which can lead to the loss of important data.
  • Customers are enticed to import MBOX into Outlook 365 by all of the benefits outlined above.

Let’s have a look at some techniques for doing so.

MBOX to Office 365 Migration - Import MBOX Files to Office 365 Account

How to Store Emails from MBOX File to Office 365

There is no direct way to import MBOX files into Outlook 365. As a result, we’ve supplied the most appropriate two-step plan to help you complete the operation below. You must carefully follow the entire method, not missing any steps.

Step 1: Transfer MBOX File into Outlook

Because MBOX files are not automatically imported by Office 365, you must first import them into Outlook. At this point, we will import the MBOX file into Outlook. It is a straightforward drag-and-drop approach to save MBOX files as PST files and then export them into Outlook.

1. Install and launch Microsoft Outlook on the PC where the MBOX files are stored.
2. Place the MBOX emails in a separate folder where they can be easily dragged.
3. Create a new folder in MS Outlook to save these files.
4. Finally, drag and drop the MBOX files you want to import into Outlook into the Outlook folder.
5. Finally, export these files and store them on your desktop as PST files.

All of your MBOX files will be imported and converted to PST format in Outlook.

Step 2: Open Office 365 and import your PST files.

This is the final and final step in importing an MBOX file into Office 365. The PST files must be imported into Office 365, which is a challenging operation.

Microsoft can help you import your PST files into Office 365 by sending you a DVD. Simply copy the PST files that need to be imported into a storage device and submit them to Microsoft. The rest will be taken care of by the officials, who will upload your PST files into your Office 365 account. However, it is not a free service, as Microsoft charges around $2 per 2GB.

You can use automated solutions to import your PST files into your Office account without incurring any fees. Transfering PST files to Office 365 is simple and reliable, and it may be done manually.

Direct Way to Save MBOX File Data in Office 365 Account

We propose utilising automatic and dependable software MBOX Converter for better and secure email transfer. It is not necessary to install the various email apps. This software directly transfers all data from the .mbox file to Outlook 365 account without losing a single bit of data. Using this tool users can import MBOX to Office 365 account in simple 5 steps.

Along with that, this tool also helps to save m.mbox file into different file formats also. You may also convert  MBOX to PST, PDF, EML, MSG, HTML, CSV, and so forth. The utility converts all attachments without causing any data loss.


Here in this article, we demonstrated how to Save MBOX File Data in Office 365 account. When it comes to finishing this process, users have varying priorities. As a result, we suggest an expert tool that is specially designed to perform this task with efficiency. You can try the demo version of this tool and after getting satisfactory results, switch to the licenced version.

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