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What is a Case Bound Book and How Important is it in Business? Let’s See

When printing books on white paper or any other documents you need high quality cases to make your packaging more stable. Case bound books are a classic style of binding. Sections of pages are sewn together and glued to the end of the book. This binding is the best and comfortable for the book which has around 800-900 pages. Furthermore, the most useful and popular type of bookbinding is Case Binding. Case bound books are a little bit expensive but it   increases stability and durability of books. Then, the use of book binding in packaging is rising very fast in the business field. For that, case binding is an art of covering books in signatures and sewn together in a cover page.

During casing in, the end sheets of the bound books are sealed with cloth claves.

After that, hardcover’s made out of the premium materials of clothes or leathers. They are attached to the book using the final attached papers, which gives extra protection to the book.

History of Bookbinding

Before the modern era, this book binding involves 2 divisions. Firstly, the stationery division, binding is made out of animal skins, which is used to make the case binding stronger.

Second is the letterpress division, this was made out of a Letterpress printing machine. This process allows you to make multiple bindings with minimum time and cost.

Today, book binding in the modern era allows packaging with which is mass produced in high speed machines In Australia individual workers are made book binding in different areas such as a commercial shop.

How Book Binding Makes Packaging More Easier And Stronger

Case bound books are made with premium quality materials that give a weighty feel to your book. These types of books have great durability and strength. Book binding process is very economical, especially for small, temporary booklets. Also, this method of binding is usually quick and flexible and can be applied to most in-house commercial printers.

Stages of Case Binding Process

There is A Total of 3 Different Stages of Case Bound Books, Which Makes Your Packaging Quality High Level: 

#1. Thread Sewing

  • This is the first step of case binding, which includes printed signatures attached to the spine of the book.
  • There are also 2 types of thread sewing; one of them is side sewing. Thus, side sewing passes throughout the signature to signature of the book. This process makes the side part of the book stronger.
  • Also, this process includes the Binding Edge system, which means “the edge of the document or a book of printed documents”.

2. Saddle Sewing (Smyth Sewing)

  • This process is used to attach all the pages together for case binding. Saddle sewing passes the thread to the spine of the book.
  • After attaching all the printed signatures, a complete book block is then automatically stitched. Saddle sewing depends on the thickness of the book. For this, a book must be 500-600 pages thick. This sewing produces a secure pattern.

3. Three-Knife Trimmer

  • Three-knife trimmer is useful for reducing the thickness of pages, which adds comfort to the packaging.
  • It includes “forwarding”, the first steps of this process is rounding and backing.

Rounding is the process of converting the book to the spine into a round shape. While backing means “the process of widening the spine of the book to casing.


This type of rapidly growing technology will surely improve your business. This case binding allows you to make your book or any documents to be durable. It is because the book block and the cover are created separately. Hence, this method is perfect when you have thick books.

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