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Best Promotion Ideas for your Basketball Club

Basketball is one of the most well-known and widely practiced sports. The NBA and ACB leagues, as well as the Basketball World Cup, draw attention to elite clubs and teams around the world.

And big events like these can be a great way to promote your own basketball club, team, or small league! Like you can create a basketball match poster, banner for a basketball event and So, let’s take a look at some of the proposals we’ve put together so you can get some new ideas!

Every time a new sports tournament or championship is announced, the Internet and social media catch fire. Sports news, fun clubs, shopping malls, TV channels… they won’t let you forget what’s going on for even a second.

But, before we get into the promotion ideas, let’s take a look at the core values of all sports. Among the many virtues are fair play, companionship, respect, and perseverance. Include these values in your basketball club marketing campaign, and you’ll be well on your way to success!

Instagram Contests

Take advantage of the opportunity to promote your team while also increasing engagement and brand loyalty. Set up an Instagram giveaway! Social media giveaways are an excellent way to achieve a variety of marketing objectives and connect with new audiences.

Instagram contests

You increase traffic to your profile and generate interest in your community. Make sure the incentive is appealing to make the giveaway more appealing. You can sell merchandise… or match tickets as a basketball team or club!

To enter the Instagram Giveaways, followers must meet a variety of requirements. Easypromos recommends asking potential participants to comment on the giveaway post – this will generate additional engagement and start conversations between you and your fans.

This is a great activity for increasing your Instagram exposure because accounts that engage in genuine conversations with their followers rank higher.

Increase Club Brand Awareness

Concentrate on your marketing goals. If you want to increase brand awareness, improve customer relationships, and reach new audiences, make it fun! Provide some entertainment to your online community! And if you do it well, they will share the promotion on social media for you, taking care of the legwork!

A Personality Quiz is an excellent choice in this situation. Your audience is there for a reason; they are basketball fans. So determining which player on your team they resemble will undoubtedly be of interest.

Make a list of questions about likes, standard behavior, physical appearances, sports abilities, and main sports values (as we mentioned right at the beginning of this post). Display a final and personalized message with a player who most closely resembles them based on their responses! Before displaying the final message, include an Entry Form to collect new leads.

Make use of Hashtags and Mentions

Are your basketball team’s games attended by a large number of fans? Make use of your devoted fans to increase the visibility of your club’s name on social media networks.

hashtag and mention

For example, ask your fans to use a specific hashtag when uploading photos to Instagram and Twitter, and to mention your basketball club’s profile. Fans will post their photos on social media and share them with their friends and family. This way, your basketball club’s name will be known to a larger community of people! Encourage more people to participate by drawing a prize from among all those who submitted photos.

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