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QuickBooks File Doctor Not Working

How Do You Fix QuickBooks File Doctor When It Doesn’t Work?

Is QuickBooks File Doctor not working for you? You’re not alone, as errors are an unavoidable feature of any software. QuickBooks File Doctor can run a network diagnostic and assist you in resolving network problems that affect QuickBooks.

What happens if QuickBooks File Doctor reports a problem? You’ll find the reasons and solutions to the QuickBooks not working issue in this post.


What Does “File Doctor Stopped Working” Indicate?

QuickBooks File Doctor combines the “QuickBooks 2014 R4” program with subsequent versions. Users have reported that the software has stopped working on a few occasions. When this happens, the program displays an error message: “File Doctor is not working.”


Learn Why File Doctor Isn’t Working And How To Fix It?

Know the reasons:

The following are some of the most common causes of the File Doctor tool’s inability to perform properly at times:

  1. You’re attempting to access the files that have been incorporated.
  2. The files are being updated.
  3. The error may appear when attempting to convert an older version of company files via a network.
  4. You may have missed a few QuickBooks files during the installation phase.
  5. The error message appears when files are lost, damaged, or corrupted.


Learn the solutions:

1. Run QuickBooks File Doctor from a command prompt

  • Start the application and wait for the ‘No Company Open’ screen to appear.
  • Open the File and select Utilities, then ‘Repair File and Network Problems.’
  • Click Ok in the dialogue box that displays. 
  • QuickBooks will restart with administrator privileges by the QuickBooks file doctor.
  • Click Yes in the dialogue box that displays.
  • Open the QuickBooks file doctor app by clicking the wrench symbol and then clicking Continue.
  • Enter your login credentials to log into your file, and the QuickBooks file doctor will begin the repair process.
  • Click ‘File Diagnosis Only’ from the Advanced Settings menu.
  • Continue by pressing the Next button.
  • Finally, when the system prompts you, open your file and check for any errors or necessary corrections


2. Restore the corrupted QBW file’s backup

  • To begin, make a backup of the compromised files.
  • Backup assists in the replacement of corrupted files with previously stored files.
  • Next, open QuickBooks and select the “File” option, then the “Open or Restore Company” option.
  • Click the “Next” button after selecting “Click Open or Restore a Backup Copy” from the drop-down menu.
  • Select “Local Backup” from the drop-down menu and press the “Next” button.
  • You’ll see a drop-down menu where you may browse and pick the backup file location.
  • Select the file with the “.QBB extension,” then click “Open,” then “Next.”
  • In the name field, you must type the file’s name. With the insertion of the “*.QBW” file, a “Save as” field will appear immediately.
  • You must click the “Save” button to finish the restoration process. 


3. Disable hosting and install antivirus software

  • Select ‘Web & Email Protection’ from the McAfee software.
  • Now go to the Firewall section of the menu and select System Services and Ports.
  • Click the ‘Add’ button after that.
  • Under Services Name, type mule. 
  • Then type your QuickBooks application’s TCP data into Local TCP/IP ports.
  • Type your QuickBooks application’s TCP data in the Local UDP Port field.
  • Next, you must choose All PCs under Open ports. 
  • Finally, click the Save option to save your changes and restart your computer.


Final Words

Most of the time, the repair solutions resolve the QuickBooks file doctor not working in trouble. If none of these solutions works, you can reach out to the QuickBooks support team for seeking expert’s assistance. 

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