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web page not available
web page not available

How To Fix This Webpage Is Not Available Error In Google Chrome?

Encountering issues while accessing your desired web page or facing an error called this web page not available? Don’t worry! as we are here to rescue you.

In this brief and thoroughly researched article, you will learn how to fix this Webpage is not available error.


So, that is enough for the introduction, let’s head to the potential fixes which will assist you in getting rid of Webpage not available kind of issues.

Potential fixes to Resolve Webpage are not available Error in Google chrome.


These are the potential fixes through which you may resolve Webpage not available errors on your own.

Ensure that you have entered the correct URL. 

First of all, make sure that you have entered the correct URL because it is very evident that if you search for a URL that doesn’t exist, you will indeed foresee issues such as “Webpage not available”. So, it was suggested to check twice the URL, if you don’t want to encounter titled as this webpage is not available”.

Ensure that you’re link with a fast, secure and stable internet connection.

If you are not connect or say linked to a Fast, secure, and stable internet connection, then there is a higher possibility that you will surely encounter Webpage not available kind of problems.

So, before heading to the Webpage, make sure you are connecting to a fast, secure and stable internet connection to avoid such kind issues.

Delete Cache and Cookies of your Preferred Browser.

Sometimes it has been seen that the array of cache and cookies that your browser stores every time you redirect to a website may give birth to an error known as “webpage not available“.

As it gets expire or Corrupt, you might encounter such issues. So, to make sure that such kinds of issues don’t bother you, delete your browser cache and cookies occasionally.

you can also try this method on your phone’s browser if you are facing a webpage not available android.

Rectify your proxy settings.


Many users consume proxies on their Google chrome or internet explorer and after consuming them. After that you forgot to remove them due to which trouble-causing errors such as this webpage is not available occurs.

So, to keep yourself away from this issue known as Webpage not available, check your proxy settings and ensure that you have marked the Proxy server option.

Shift DNS Server IP Addresses to Google’s DNS.


It has also been seen that if you are consuming the default DNS server from your Internet service provider. Then you may experience the issues that discuss above.

As DNS servers regulate all of your requests from your desktop/ laptop to the internet. If it is unstable, then your internet connection may hinder you. Eventually, head to the error called Webpage not available.


As we viewed, these are the worthy and potential fixes through which you may resolve the webpage not available issues and if you need to know more fixes on different issues, then you can visit the Ityug247 website.


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