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How to Get a Mortgage for a Multifamily Building (HMOs)


As a professional landlord, I am aware that it is more challenging than ever to secure financing. From Limited Company Lets to funding for DSS tenants to many flats on a single title deed, This articles will cover all aspects of the buy-to-let market. To counter this, I thought the most profitable but difficult to finance HMO Essex that many of you likely hold in your portfolios would be the best place to start.

What Are HMOs, How Did They Get Here, and What Can We Do About It?

Because of the Housing Act of 2004, property is now defined in a way that is more nuanced and intricate than before. But in the simplest terms, it’s just a house where more than two people will live. If a house is fully convert into apartments in conformity with all applicable housing standards. It will usually not be subject to the HMO Essex regulations. Some councils, including Salford’s, have said that they will consider a house an HMO if it is the sole use of the property or has “substantial usage”1.

Before issuing an HMO Essex licence, municipalities weigh the applicant’s and the applicant’s landlord’s qualifications. A home-owners’ association (HOA) cannot function as a rental property site without the appropriate licencing. Similarly, if a property is being use as an HMO but lacks the require licencing, it will not qualify for traditional financing. (Of course, commercial or development financing can acquire to allow for site rehabilitation.) Because of this new regulation, the HMO mortgage market has developed independently from the traditional Buy to Let market.

Distinct Evaluation Standards

If you’ve owned an HMO Essex or a portfolio of HMOs for a while. You may recall when you could get financing for all of your homes under a single title or with very standard conditions. The circumstances are different now. ‘High street’ lenders’ criterion is very HMO unfriendly. And there are only three significant players left in Buy to Let loans. When compared to a standard buy-to-let mortgage, the rental cover required by The Mortgage Works HMO Essex Mortgage product (TMW are part of Nationwide) is much higher, at 150 percent. In addition, they lower the allowable LTV for HMOs to below 65%. ^ Possible Refinancing Paths, Two

Options for Refinancing

The good news is that HMO Essex mortgage brokers can help you get 70% LTV on your HMO Epping houses if you stay in expensive areas. Some brokers have reported commercial buy-to-let propositions and HMO’s at 75% LTV. But I would realistically expect you to be able to leverage the HMO’s in your portfolio to roughly 70% LTV given the yields necessary. If you are debating whether to add another HMO Epping to your portfolio or a conventional let. You may want to remember that the finest buy to let bargains are now at 80% LTV.

I Own my HMO through a Limited (Ltd) Company Mortgage

In a later piece, I’ll discuss limited company mortgages. But the good news is that you can get a mortgage for your HMO Epping through a limited company. You should talk to a buy-to-let broker about this, as they can introduce you to at least three financial institutions willing to evaluate your application on House with Multiple Occupancy Bishops. The Mortgage Works is available to regular mortgage brokers. So it’s reasonable to assume that they’ll examine some situations as well. However, if you work with a broker that only works with a single lender. You run the risk of not getting the best possible rate.

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