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Wireless Gaming Headset

Is it Possible to Use Wireless Gaming Headset on Xbox One?

If you’re an avid gamer and like to rock while kicking ass and taking names, you may be interested in using your wireless gaming headset on your Xbox One console. Unfortunately, you can’t use it on its own—or can you? Let’s find out if it’s possible to use a wireless gaming headset on Xbox One.

Why don’t I Like Wired Headphones?

Wired headsets will have you tethered by a cord, which isn’t so bad but can be a problem when they get tangled up. Even worse, some companies decide to force users into proprietary charging stations that are not only expensive (sometimes $100) but require you to bring your headset back to a specific place every time you want to charge them.

I don’t want any of that hassle; it interrupts my game experience and is unnecessary. As for Bluetooth: Although wireless connectivity isn’t inherently bad, Bluetooth audio quality is lacking compared with dedicated headphones.

The Problems With Wired Headphones

Wired headsets can be great for gaming. They often come with various accessories and are very easy to set up. The most significant downside is that they require a wired connection from your controller, which tends to get in your way when playing fast-paced games or to work with two controllers (e.g., local multiplayer).

Some people prefer wired headphones over wireless ones because they don’t have issues with lag and interference. But others say that’s only because they’re not familiar with better models.

Why Did I Buy a Bluetooth Headset?

The vast majority of wireless gaming headsets are compatible with both PC and console systems, but I wanted something designed for one. That’s why I purchased a Bluetooth gaming headset specifically for my PS4. But what exactly is so great about having a wireless headset for your console system? You first need to know what they can do better than their wired counterparts to answer that question.

They allow more freedom of movement while you’re playing games, for starters. They have larger ear cups which increase overall comfort and sound quality. Some even come with additional features like microphones or surround sound speakers!

What Do I Think of My New Headset?

The comfort level and sound quality of gaming headsets vary, but most can agree that being tethered to a console or PC for audio is less than ideal. Wired headsets are ubiquitous because they’re easy plug-and-play accessories that don’t require additional power or pairing steps. However, wireless headphones connect via Bluetooth, which means you can use them with mobile devices.

This might make a wired connection seem obsolete. But we think there’s still plenty of value in keeping wires out of your gaming experience. Why not check out our guide below for more information?

What Do I Think of the Console Update

You can now use a wireless gaming headset with your console is great. I’m an avid gamer, and I love owning as many new gadgets as possible, so any small update that makes my gaming experience better is something I’ll get behind.

The only downside to using a wireless headset with your console is that it needs a relatively powerful router for lag-free audio streaming. If you don’t have a large, expensive router, be prepared for some stuttering in your gameplay. But at least now there are more options when picking out a headset!

It Only Gets Better From Here

Though there are many different wireless gaming headsets currently available for consoles, not all of them can be used for use with Microsoft’s latest console. While that may disappoint some potential buyers, there is a reason for it.

The Xbox One will not support wireless connections for any headset until Microsoft released its official wireless adapter at some point later in 2016. Until then, wired headsets will be your only option if you want to make sure your audio works with your new console—though there are plenty of options when it comes to choosing wired headphones.

(After all, they’re usually cheaper and easier to set up than their wireless counterparts.) However, once those adapters became available later in 2016, you’ll have many new options.

Which wireless headsets are compatible with Xbox One?

For a headset to work with your console, you’ll need an adapter. Microsoft designed its adapter for those interested in using their headsets—it plugs into an extra USB port and retails for $24.99. Alternatively, companies like Turtle Beach have created adapters that allow users to use existing PS4 headsets (including stereo sound) with Xbox One—an alternative that is cheaper but doesn’t offer as much quality (or as many features).

Be warned: These adapters have a limited range and only provide mono sound. You won’t be able to hear commands from teammates over multiplayer games. So make sure you buy a microphone that works with your console if you do go through with any of these options.

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