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NEBOSH Course in Pakistan

Safety Officer Courses in Pakistan

Cosmic Institute is a NEBOSH IGC-accredited institute in Multan, Pakistan. We also approved for IOSH, OSHA, and other foreign training. To our valued customers and stakeholders, Cosmic devoted to providing great training, accurate consultation. And reliable auditing solutions in the areas of quality, safety, health, and the environment.

We believe that by providing one stop shop in order to make the environment healthy and productive, we can help to establish a safe and sustainable culture. Cosmic is a world-class provider of quality, safety, health, and environmental services.

We provide professional development for your institution’s, workers, and team expertise in occupational Safety, health, environment, excellence, and soft skills management. Customers, businesses, workers, contractors, and suppliers benefit from our personalized and general professional training, development, and learning programs.

NEBOSH In Pakistan:

The NEBOSH Course in Pakistan is an internationally recognized health and safety certificate from an established independent certificate examination with over 30 years of expertise in offering up-to-date and relevant tests, and this Training is the most challenging certification on the globe.

What Is The Significance Of The NEBOSH IGC?

Millions of prominent professionals and organizations contributed to the revision of the world’s most widely recognized health and safety certification. As a result, it is designed to meet the demands of today’s business, providing learners with all. They need to learn and do in order to make their environment safer.

Who Should Participate In The IGC Program?

There has never been a better moment to join the approximately 90,000 people who have earned the NEBOSH international general certification in occupational health and safety.

NEBOSH international general certificate is great for managers, administrators. And anybody with health and safety management obligations since it is so applicable to every business. It’s also ideal for people just starting out in the field of health and safety since it provides a big step to progress.

NEBOSH Course Fees In Pakistan:

Course Name: NEBOSH IGC
Course Fees:    110,000
Session Date:   12, April 2022
Exam Date:       4, May 2022
Location:        Multan
Registration Deadline:   9, April 2022
Language:      English/Urdu
Approved tutor:   Engr. Wahaj Ahmad

Benefits Of NEBOSH Course in Multan:

Enrolling in a NEBOSH course has a variety of advantages.

You will earn special benefits if you enroll in a NEBOSH course. Which will help you grow in your health and safety career.

1- The NEBOSH in Multan highly known and regarded health, safety, and risk management qualification.

2- The NEBOSH Course is becoming increasingly important in Pakistan, and in the current day, every company favors people with NEBOSH certifications since the NEBOSH course can assist to strengthen a company’s image and can nearly change a company’s business into an in-demand company.

3- As previously said, NEBOSH is a globally recognized and authorized certification, so if you have one, you will have no trouble finding work in most countries of the globe, particularly in the Gulf countries. DUBAI, ABUDHABI, KSA, QATAR, BAHRAIN, UAE, and OMAN are just a few examples.

4- After completing the NEBOSH course, a worker will be able to establish a safer working environment in any company while also enhancing efficiency and production. This may help a company succeed as well as a person’s position inside the company. Our institute provides top-notch NEBOSH Course instruction in Pakistan from a certified instructor so that you may further your career in the health and safety field.


The NEBOSH IGC course widely recognized as the most widely acknowledged safety qualification program among prospective employees in Pakistan. Our NEBOSH safety courses received much interest and widely regarded as one of the company’s most inspiring and important qualifications.

Students who enrolled in this course, ranging from experts to aspiring persons, recently graduated students, experienced to freshers, have acquired a lot and are now serving their profession effectively.

The NEBOSH International General Certification (NEBOSH IGC) provides certificate holders with a sharply perceptual and operational capacity that aids in the management of health and safety concerns that arise in their individual work environments. Cosmic Institute in Multan, Pakistan’s number one and most prestigious educational institution for NEBOSH certification.

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