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Indians for kids

10 interesting facts about Indians for kids

The people living in what is now the Americas are indigenous. Christopher Columbus, who went in search of India, landed on the American continent, mistakenly believing he had reached it. Thus, the name took root among the local population. The Indians are an extremely interesting people. For many years children have been playing Indians and cowboys because of the mystery and wisdom of the Indians.

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Eskimos and Aleuts do not belong to this category, because they belong to the group of Arctic peoples by their genetic and cultural characteristics.

These ancient people were amazed by their ingenuity and incredible understanding of nature, which is in vain to look for in modern people. Therefore, it is worth getting interested in the Indians and starting by reading some interesting facts about them.

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Where did the name Indians come from?

Where did the name Indians come from? After all, they are a people living in America and have nothing to do with India, which is located on another continent. We know this today, but when Christopher Columbus sailed to the shores of the new land in 1492, he was sanctimoniously convinced that he had succeeded in reaching India, so the first people he met, he called Indians, that is, the inhabitants of India. The name became so well accepted that later no one tried or wanted to change it. Interestingly, in the United States, Indians are also called «Native Americans», which is freely translated to mean Native Americans.


We unequivocally associate plumes with Indians. Called Warbonnets by Indians, these distinctive headgears were reserved only for the most distinguished warriors. It was and is both a protective talisman and headgear. Each Indian tribe had its own distinct and unique plume, which was distinguished by the ornaments and feathers of different birds. North American Indian tribes unanimously offered the plume to a man they deemed worthy to wear this unique headgear. The chosen warrior would then sit before the elders and had to recount 30 events from his life in which he had shown valor, courage, and honor. Coloring and making things up was not an option, as each deed had to be corroborated by a witness. Interestingly, the plume was woven as the warrior candidate’s story progressed. For each noble deed, more feathers were woven into the warbonnet.

Housing Indians for kids

Indians were nomadic people who usually moved from place to place. Each Indian family had its own tipi What is a tipi? It is a type of tent, from a wooden structure. Animal skins, such as buffalo hides, were usually used to cover the wooden frame. Many people alternate between the phrase tipi and wigwam. The tipi was the tent of nomadic tribes, such as the Lakota or Blackfoot. The simple structure, which was based on a wooden frame, was very easy to assemble and set up in a new location. Wigwams, on the other hand, were permanent structures. Dug into the ground with poles, they were not designed to be moved from place to place.

Food Extraction

The Indians believed that nature was not created for us, but that it was part of us. According to them, there is a divine spirit in everyone, and animals and plants belong to our great world family. This is why they were so serious about hunting. They didn’t kill animals when they didn’t have to.

Means of transportation

Probably everyone has heard about the famous Indian boats or canoes. How was such a boat created? Well, the Indian would cut down the corresponding tree, then pull off the bark from it and begin the very slow and painstaking process of chiseling the trunk. Over time, the space inside the trunk became larger and larger, and this is how the canoe was created.

What did they eat

What did they eat

The main game that the Indians of North America hunted was Bison. They are the equivalent of our bison. Large and heavy animals armed with horns and often weighing up to several hundred pounds. Returning to the village after such a hunt without injury was quite a feat, especially for young warriors, who above all wanted to prove their devotion, valor, courage, and honor. After all, this was the only way to get the plume.

Weapons Indians for kids

The primary weapons of all Indian tribes, were primarily bows, axes, called tomahawks, and spears. The appearance of white people brought a new and innovative type of weapons to the new continent – gunpowder weapons. Indians did not have armies, in the European sense. They were simply squads of warriors who first fought among themselves for natural goods, and when the colonists appeared, they began to defend themselves, against the expansion of the white man.

Facial vegetation

Indians are genetically depilated, and Indian men in most cases did not have facial hair. That’s why it’s so difficult to find a photo of an Indian with a beard or mustache.

Cherokee Indians for kids

The names of the various Indian tribes, come from what they called themselves. However, there is one exception to this rule. Namely, this is the Cherokee tribe or Cherokee in English. In the language of the Cherokee, there are no voiced «chee», «ro», or «kee». The name they call themselves is Tsalagi. This is much easier for them to pronounce than the name Cherokee.

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The Indians take very seriously the principles that their tribes have followed for centuries. A rule that was present in almost all tribes was the one that said that every guest should be received with respect. Neither food nor drink should be lacking. That is why, from the very beginning, they were so calm and peaceful towards the colonizers who came from overseas.

The heyday of the Redskins civilization is in the distant past. At times, scholars wonder why these distinctive people have practically disappeared from the face of the earth. Perhaps the reason is that earlier the Indians dealt inhumanely with prisoners, scalping them. And cruelty, as you know, attracts cruelty. In any case, the culture of the Indians and their model of tribal government were the basis of the developed states that have existed to this day.

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