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Charity event for a greater purpose
Charity event for a greater purpose

10 Steps on Planning A Charity Event Effectively

Charity events are powerful fundraising channels for the people in need. Planning a charity event involves people showing up and maximizing the money you raise. Let us have a look at the steps for planning a stronger charity event. 

Define the cause:

Have a clear idea of why you are raising the money and for whom you are raising it. All this would help to create an effective promotional strategy and a proper operational plan. From one mission statement all other decisions cascade. Defining the cause on the paper is the first step for setting the plan in action. 

Set a fundraising goal:

First of all set a goal. Aim for the amount of money you are going to raise. Consider different ways such as ticket sales, donations, silent auctions, live auctions and crowdfunding. Remember these are not the only ways to support the cause. By running such events would help to raise awareness and establish connections between people. When organising a fundraising event, it is essential to keep all the potential goals in mind. 

Create a budget for a charity event:

Plan accordingly to raise the fund above the amount you are going to spend. The budget would help you to keep up the cost of spending and enable us to make more money. Include every single detail from venue fixing to catering and the parking allotment. Leave some funds for the unpredictable expenditure. It is good to exceed the goal rather than have it eaten by unforeseen expenses.   

Focus on target audience:

Focus on the target audience and attracting the people would help you to plan a better fundraiser. Does charity is focussed on a particular generation or of particular interest? The fundraising is for a local event or a universal cause. How would you reach out to the general public? Hence plan in prior on how to pinpoint your target audience. By defining this you can determine the best ways to reach the target audience. From there marketing and outreach program will follow. 

Find the venue:

Choose a venue that would infuse your event with flair. The venue may be non-traditional or some might be willing to offer a discount. Some might donate the space as it is associated with a good cause. Be flexible with the date as it would help secure the venue at a lower budget. To increase the donations, extend the reach by conducting an online event or a hybrid event.  

Establish a theme:

People wanted to support a cause as well as would want to have a great time. Spend money to create memories and organize an event with a theme would help do that. Raising money is not a theme but a charity is. Inspire donors by organizing a fun event with a unique idea so that people would be excited to attend. Enhance the attention of the event by inviting a special guest or a music act or a pop-up shop which would gain a broader audience. 

Consider the cause and the target audience. Finding on how to entertain your audience would be the cause. Create a unique and creative fundraising idea that would work. 

Market the charity event:

All events need marketing and charity events needs more than others. Spreading the word is crucial in charity events which in turn affects the goal directly. Traditional models include sending invitations, mails, etc. Now everything has shifted towards digital. Focus on email marketing, content marketing, advertising and so on. 

Social media is the biggest help for these events. Twitter has been a powerful tool for promoting fundraising events. 

Decide on how to accept donations:

Follow one method to accept donations. But do not be limited to one method alone. Digital and mobile payments would help you the best for the payment process. Virtual events and live events help accept donations through pay pal account. Set up a donation option on your event page to make digital giving easy. 

Lean on greater community:

People would love to attend the online events as there would be something to share on social media. Provide rich online content and use images, videos and clips to ensure that the posts are shareable. 

Automate your charity event:

It is easy to automate the task that humans do manually. Make your operations more efficient by lowering the costs involved. Automated emails can give detailed information on the events. The tools can consolidate the posting and tracking efforts on various platforms. Hence use automation to scale your charity events. 

Help the Islamic charity that is focused to deliver sustainable solutions to the people in need. Donate Islamic charity and empower the people in need. These charities work with honesty and transparency. All these events continue to raise awareness among people and raise money for various causes ranging from illness to human trafficking to veteran services. 

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