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Important Guidelines for Shifting Your House

11 Ingenious Ideas to Help You Shift Your House from Chennai to Delhi

Among the many stressful activities in the world, house shifting scores a high position. It is a stressful and strenuous activity no matter whether you are shifting somewhere in proximity or to a distant location. But one can’t deny that an intercity move is way more complicated than a local one. So, when you are considering moving across the country, you need to imply proper planning and preparation to accomplish the mission. In this article, I have presented ingenious ideas to help you shift your house from Chennai to Delhi.

How you can shift your house from Chennai to Delhi with ease

As you are considering moving to Delhi from Chennai, you will witness these major changes. You will experience better weather and is the most liveable city in the country. However, the cost of living in Delhi is higher than in Chennai and the traffic condition is quite painful. But you will love Delhi for its lakes, gardens, enhanced cosmopolitan culture, and amazing nightlife. Plus, it is the “IT hub of India” and the “City of Start-ups.” But you need to undergo the painstaking intercity shifting process to experience the myriad elements of the new city. I will help you alleviate your worries. Here are the 10 ingenious ideas to help you shift your house from Chennai to Delhi:

1. Chalk out a plan

While shifting your house from Chennai to Delhi, you need to chalk out the basic aspects of the move. Fix the moving day and the moving budget. Choose the date wisely as it can help you restrict your moving charges. To move on an affordable budget, you should fix the moving day on a weekday in the middle of the month. Make sure that there is a gap of a month or two so that you can prepare better.

2. Make a moving checklist

After planning the basic aspects of your move, you should focus on the preparations. Organise your preparations by making a moving checklist. Schedule the tasks on particular days before the moving day. Make sure that you follow the checklist so that you complete all the preparatory tasks on time. You will be relaxed and sorted on the moving day as there will be nothing left undone.

3. Hire the professionals

When you shift your house from Chennai to Delhi, you should never try to move on your own. Since you don’t have any experience or the proper packing and moving supplies, you cannot accomplish the move precisely. You have no idea how to pack or load household belongings to move them from one end of the country to the other. You will damage them in the process. If you hire professional packers and movers Chennai to Delhi, you don’t have to worry about your move anymore. Their staff members are licensed, trained, and practiced in their job of packing and moving goods every day. Hiring professionals will ensure safe and on-time delivery of your goods.

4. Discard the clutter

The moving charges depend on the distance of the move and the size of the move. But you cannot change the distance between Chennai and Delhi which is 2133 kilometres. So, if you want to bring down the moving charges, you need to bring down the size of your move. The best way to reduce the size of your move is by discarding the clutter from your house. Pick out the unnecessary items in your house and sell, donate, or dispose of them.

5. Pack the valuables

Pack all the valuable items in your house so that you don’t lose your mind trying to find them on the moving day. Some of the valuable items include your precious jewellery, expensive watches, premium gadgets, and important documents and credentials. Keep them in a separate bag and lock them in your vault. Carry it with you as you shift your house from Chennai to Delhi.

6. Pack an overnight box

You cannot unpack and settle down in your new house in Delhi right after your move. You will need a week or two to complete the process. Pack an overnight box to provide you with the necessary supplies all the while. Pack your overnight box with cleaning supplies, a dental kit, bedspreads, towels, toiletries, fresh clothes, undergarments, a few utensils, and packaged food items.

7. Label the packing boxes

As soon as the team of packers and movers in Chennai completes packing each of the boxes, make sure you label them. For labelling, write down the names of the rooms the belongings in the boxes belong to. You can also colour-code the boxes by allotting each room a particular colour. It will make the unloading process easier.

8. Insure your intercity move

While moving intercity, you should always avail yourself of moving insurance. As you plan to shift your house from Chennai to Hyderabad, insure your move. If there is any mishap on the move and your goods get lost or damaged, your moving company will bear the losses. They will compensate your monetary losses by repairing, repaying, or replacing the damaged product.

9. Administer the utilities

When you shift your house from Chennai to Delhi, you need to administer the utilities on your own. Call your utility providers in Chennai and ask them to discontinue the services as you move out of your new house. Call your utility providers in Delhi and ask them to connect you to new utility services as you move into the new house. Utilities are the essential services that we need to sustain in the city like electricity, water, gas, DTH, and internet.

10. Avail of storage facilities

In many cases, you may not get the opportunity to check your new house in person before the move. You may need more time to decide on a stable accommodation. So, as you move from Chennai to Delhi, you should consider staying in a hotel till the time you finalise your new house.  Keep your goods under the custody of your packers and movers in Chennai. They have massive warehouses that are guarded by security guards and CCTV cameras to ensure the safety of your goods.

Get warehousing if needed

11. Get warehousing

As we already discussed, it may not be possible for you to finalise your new house in Delhi before you examine the property in the flesh. In such cases, you should get warehousing facilities from your packers and movers in Chennai. After moving to Delhi with your belongings, you can stay in a hotel till the time you finalise a new house in the city. Keep your household goods in a warehouse in Delhi. You don’t have to worry about the safety of your goods in the warehouse as they are guarded by security guards and CCTV cameras.


When you try to shift your house from Chennai to Delhi, you will face several challenging situations. You can’t lose your calm and start panicking during stressful situations. But if you plan and prepare for the move in advance, it will be more organised and comfortable. Follow the above-mentioned 11 ingenious ideas to help you shift your house from Chennai to Delhi to make your move easy and efficient. If you follow the above-mentioned pointers on the 11 important guidelines for shifting your house, you can experience a smooth and swift relocation. Wishing you good luck!

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