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3 Things to Follow to Keep Viruses Away

After the outbreak of Covid-19, we all have understood the importance of maintaining hygiene and cleanliness around our surroundings. This has now become a significant aspect that should not be neglected. We all tried really hard during the upsurge of covid cases to protect our families from the deadly virus. Even after so many efforts, the virus hasn’t left us and is still very much alive in our lives. This raises the question of how we can safeguard ourselves from the virus in the long run.

In such uncertain times, we are still stepping out of our houses and taking a risk just to feed our families and help the needy ones. It is completely unavoidable that even after going out, somebody doesn’t come in contact with the covid causing virus. The only precaution we take to shield ourselves is to constantly keep our homes and offices clean by timely and regular sanitization. But this can be really time-taking and tiring. The surfaces of our dwellings are most prone to viruses as they become the breeding ground for them.

Therefore, to halt this, we want an active solution that decreases our exertion and increases the well-being of our family. The solitary mode to attain this is by using the Virokill innovative technology.

The concept behind Virokill

This technology has been widely used to add a layer of safety to dodge the fatal virus from making our furniture their homes. This incredible technology is implanted in the matrix of the plywood that makes them resistant to viruses and disease-causing germs. It helps in breaking down the action of viruses that got stuck on the surface. This plywood comes with anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial properties, which means it has the power to destroy all the microorganisms that land on it.

How does it function?

Antiviral Plywood is infused with nano-engineered microparticles that protect the surfaces of your furniture like tables, chairs, corners, and other objects made up of wood. Whenever a virus comes in direct contact with the surface, the action of Virokill damages the cellular layer of the virus and gives 99.99% protection against germs.

Things that we should follow to keep viruses away

  1. By not putting things that come from outside here and there: We should keep in mind that in such a difficult scenario, we should make a fixed place to keep all the objects rather than cluttering them everywhere as it will increase the risk of viruses.
  2. Always maintain hygiene and keep yourself tidy: Whenever you go out, ensure that your least part of the body is uncovered, and you always wear a 3-layer protection mask. This will give you a protective edge, and once after reaching home, quickly change your clothes and don’t keep them here and there, especially on the surfaces that can’t be easily cleaned.
  3. Practice cleanliness habits: People of all age groups should ensure that they keep their bodies hygienic and tidy. Everyone should wash their hands at regular intervals and must stay indoors and should avoid unnecessary outings.


By following the above-mentioned things, one can help prevent their family from getting affected by the virus. But it is also necessary to keep the objects in our houses clean as they easily come in contact with viruses. To avoid this, we need to regularly keep the surfaces clean, but it is tedious and time-consuming.

If the plywood for Furniture itself has germ-kill technology, then you don’t need to waste your time cleaning surfaces. Invest money in employing the virus-resistant technology-enabled plywood rather than investing your time in sanitizing each and every wooden object of your home. This revolutionary ply can help a lot in fighting the virus and making your family safe and protected.

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