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7 Great Gift Ideas for Employees

The year is starting to come to an end, which means holiday gift lists are starting to be formulated. You will not only need to figure out what you are getting for your family and friends but also any employees that you may manage.

In a world where keeping good employees is hard to come by, it is more important than ever to let them know how valued they really are. Without them, you may quite literally be out of a job yourself and your business may not exist.

There is a big difference between getting a cheap trinket gift for your employees versus a meaningful gift one they will actually appreciate. Whether you have a team of five or a team of fifty, there are the perfect gift options out there for you to start rounding up. Now is the best time to start shopping for Christmas, so you will not be in a mad dash come Thanksgiving.

To help you start getting into the spirit, we have rounded up the top gifts for employees. From cozy plush throw blankets to thoughtful food baskets, there are so many different ways to spread the holiday cheer to the people that really deserve it most.

  1. A Personalized Coffee Mug

Gifts are always better when they are personalized. That is why you should look into getting your team each their own personalized coffee mug. It is something that they will use every day and remind them of their personal connection to you. Best of all this great gift idea is pretty affordable and you will see maximum value for it. So put your group order in ahead of time, get their name on it, and know that this gift is going to bring all your employees a lot of joy.

  1. A Box of Yummy Treats

Another great way to win employees over with holiday gifts is to get them a collection of delicious treats. Many of the top bakeries organize small gift boxes that are full of their top sellers—whether that be cakes, cookies, or chocolate. It is a gift that you know will get eaten and one that will be relatively simple to organize as well.

  1. Cozy Plush Throw Blankets

Your employees work really hard for you. So why not give them the ultimate gift of relaxation by gifting them plush throw blankets that they can cuddle up in when they get back home from a long day in the office? There are a variety of plush throw blankets to choose from—based on cost, material, and design. It is a very meaningful gift that will encourage your employees to treat themselves to some well-deserved r&r every night.

  1. A Planner

Organized employees are the best type of employees. Why not get them a super stylish weekly planner that helps them organize their entire day? Plus, it fits right next to their computer and will help them stay on top of all tasks at hand for life in general. Essentially, this gift helps encourage a great work-life balance.

  1. A Bottle of Wine

Splurge on your employees and get them a really high-end bottle of wine or champagne to celebrate the end of the year. You can get a bulk order of the same one or shop personally for each of your employees. It is a great way to say cheers to them, and for them to cheers you back. If you really wanted to take it to the next level, you can also have it custom engraved for them so they can make it a commemorative gift.

  1. A Subscription to Tea

Help your team taste the world with a year-long tea subscription. Every month they will get a surprise box sent to their door, where they can taste tea from a key region and explore the region through their taste buds. It will also give the office something to talk about every month and really appeal to those that have a wanderlust soul. Because it is a subscription, they will also get spoiled for an entire year. It is a great way to get a gift that keeps giving.

  1. A Succulent Garden

Giving plants can be risky sometimes because you simply do not know if the recipient will have a green thumb or not. But giving a succulent garden as a gift is a great foolproof way to ensure that your team can all enjoy the greenery for longer than a few days. It is a low-maintenance gift that will keep your employees happy for a very long time.


There are so many great gift ideas for employees. With the coziness of plush throw blankets to the practicality of planners, what gift will you select for your team this holiday season? The truth is, it really is the thought that counts more than anything.

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