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I have always been a fan of the Die Hard films.

A Good Day to Die Hard Movie Review

I have always been a fan of the Die Hard films. I liked the movies on moviescounter. I found the next two sequences to be equally enjoyable and equally enjoyable to watch. And I was pleasantly surprised at how good John McClane’s fourth outing was. The fifth installment however is a completely different story.

Mysterious Story

The latest Die Hard movie did not take place in the United States but has been circulated around the world heading to Russia. Where John McClane goes to check on his son. Who is known to screw up his son, after a long absence, number of years. Before she leaves we receive a short cameo from her daughter, starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Who is returning from the final film on movies counter. What McClane does not know is that his son was a real spy. And worked secretly in Moscow, Russia for the past three years as part of a CIA plan.

The Conspiracy

This movie gives us very little about plot and story, or at least anything that makes sense. The conspiracy seems to be everywhere. The pits of the building on moviecounter are the size of the Grand Canyon. Making it difficult to follow what is happening, or at least to follow it and make sense of it. One of the big holes is two McClanes who drive from Moscow to Chernobyl, chasing bad guys on a helicopter, a fast Google search that tells me it is 430 miles away.

Deep-Farmed plans

In addition, they need to cross international borders, and John’s son is one of the most sought-after men in Moscow. In spite of this, the police do not appear to be in Moscow, as the McClanes pull out armored trucks, demolish buildings, and are in a car accident, but all this time, although their son has just escaped court and the wanted killer, they seem to have come a long way.

A lot of Guns

Another big downside to this movie is the fact that John McClane is only here to shoot guns and blow things up. A previous Die Hard tour enabled McClane to do research and use his brain to fix things. He was the detective who caught him. The McClane film is an action, a cause for everything, from chasing an armed truck and he managed to get it off the road in some way in a jeep, just because he wanted to talk to his son, or the bad guys swapping him. get up and run to the safe house one by one to get the shot next to him. It takes too long to reach a new level.

Superficial Action

I could go on all day about the fact that the film on moviescounter com doesn’t make any sense at all, but I think now it’s clear. What this movie offers is more than superficial action, explosives, gun battles, car chases, helicopter crashes, everything that happens, mostly from start to finish. I think this movie might try to elevate the aunt to action but forget about having a decent story to go with. Especially the fact that you won’t have any contact with the film because if it doesn’t make sense.


Bruce Willis appears to be continuing his exit as a New York police officer on moviescounter de. You just need to point and shoot. He does not need to try to solve any crime. He turns into a daily police officer in the wrong place at the wrong time, becoming a hero greater than the act of life, unable to do anything, crash, car crash, helicopter crash, building collapse, much, maybe even Kryptonite.

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