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CCNA Training
CCNA Training

A Guide to the New CCNA Training Pathway

If you want to become a Cisco Certified Network Associate, you’ve come to the correct place. The obvious initial step is comprehending the CCNA Training road map and assessing how it benefits your objectives and intended job path.

The Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification is one of the most prestigious Cisco certifications for computer network professionals. A CCNA Training program educates candidates on security, automation, and networking.

Cisco was founded in 1984 as an international IT behemoth. Today, it is a prominent network solution supplier for businesses worldwide. Cisco understands that professional IT certifications are used in 99 percent of recruiting decisions today, making it critical for individuals to carry relevant credentials for a successful IT career.

Expansion is the result of increased

The CCNA credential has evolved to adapt to changing technology and market demands. To meet the growing demand for qualified Cisco experts, the domains covered by the certification were expanded in 2013. This expansion is the result of increased e-commerce and reliance on data centers. So currently, numerous certificates are focusing on various topics under the CCNA Training road map, including:

  • Switching and Routing
  • Datacenters
  • Protection
  • Providers of Services
  • Voice
  • Video
  • Bluetooth
  • Cooperation

The CCNA credential gives a comprehensive knowledge of all Cisco certification programs. But after earning the CCNA credential, a candidate can make a more educated decision about the domain they want to pursue as their career progresses, depending on evolving industry needs. Typically, the CCNA Routing and Switching certification are the most fundamental credential applicants can obtain before going on to the next certification.

CCNA Credential Learning Objectives

As a CCNA candidate, you are preparing for the following operations and responsibilities:

  • Gaining an understanding of network principles through studying network components, virtualization, switching ideas, and topology, among other things.
  • Setting up, running, and configuring IPv4 and IPv6 networks
  • Setting up switches to execute initial configurations
  • Understanding Cisco router routing and its implementation
  • Using switches and routers to do host-to-host communication
  • Using IPv4 addresses to resolve network problems and frequent issues
  • Knowledge of VLANs, inter-VLAN routing, and trunks
  • Knowledge of STP (Spanning Tree Protocol) and RSTP (Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol)
  • Understanding VPN and WAN concepts
  • Implementing virtualization via device and network designs

Which Organization Regulates the CCNA Certification?

The value of any credential increases or decreases depending on the organization that accredits it. Because CCNA is supported by one of the largest and most successful organizations in the IT market today. Cisco is a global leader in computer networking, intending to transform how humans and machines interact and communicate. It produces a large amount of the equipment used in IT communication today. As a result, the CCNA Training is respected, reputable, and worldwide recognized.

Eligibility for CCNA Certification

Today, there are no obligatory requirements that persons must meet to be eligible for the CCNA Training. But as a result, pursuing a CCNA certification is a good credential for recent graduates and new IT professionals. So enterprises today hire network engineers without experience as long as they have a CCNA certification.

While there are no specific qualifications for applying for a CCNA certification exam, there are some that are recommended. They will improve your chances of passing the CCNA certification exam on the first try. These are the recommendations:

  • Fundamental computing skills
  • Fundamental understanding and use of operating systems
  • Knowledge of how to use the internet is essential.
  • Understanding of IP addresses

Who Is a CCNA Certification Good For?

With a CCNA credential, any IT worker may advance their career to new heights. However, it is helpful for:

  • System administrators
  • Beginning network engineers
  • Help Desk personnel
  • Network support personnel
  • Network experts
  • Network experts

Engineers in network support

  • System designers
  • Network administrators
  • Network experts
  • Network engineers
  • Candidates seeking CCNA Training

How Do I Obtain a CCNA Certification?

You must pass specific CCNA tests before you can claim your CCNA certification. So you must obtain passing grades on either of the following exams:

  • CCNA exam combined (200-120)
  • ICDN1 (100-101)
  • ICDN2 (200-101)

You can register for either of these examinations directly through Cisco or accredited. So Cisco training partners like Koenig. Pearson Vue is the authorized partner for testing and administering CCNA examinations. They recommend registering for the CCNA certification and ITIL Certification Melbourne exam at least two days before the scheduled public test date. Because the number of candidate seats is limited, and spots are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. When you register for the exam, you’ll need to pay the associated price. Pearson Vue also recommends arriving at the testing place 45 minutes before the scheduled time.

What Exactly Is the CCNA? A Networking Certification for Beginners

CCNA Certification Test Overview

The CCNA certification can be obtained by passing the CCNA 200-301 exam. As previously stated, these qualifications and the domains they cover constantly evolve. The most recent CCNA exam covers automation, programmability, and security.

Consider the following information concerning the CCNA qualifying exam:

  • The certification exam has 120 questions you must answer in 120 minutes.
  • The 200-301 CCNA certification exam fee is USD 300 before taxes.
  • To pass the exam, you must obtain 82.5 percent or 825 points out of 1000.
  • You have the option of completing the test in either English or Japanese.
  • You can book your CCNA exam in person at certain places or online.
  • A CCNA certification lasts three years. After a while, the qualifying criteria and laws for the certification you obtain will most likely change. But andy certificate accepted under the previous set of standards is valid for three years, regardless of rule revisions.

New CCNA Course Content

The following are the most recent modules included in the most recent CCNA curriculum:

  • Switches and routers, UDP/TCP, cabling, and IPv4 and IPv6 principles
  • IP services such as DHCP, NTP, SNMP, and quality of service
  • OSPFv2, IP Routing – IP Connectivity
  • Networking – Trunking, VLANs, Ethernet
  • Fundamentals of Security – Port security, wireless security, and VPNs
  • Puppet, REST APIs, Chef, SDN, JSON – Automation and programmability

Advantages of a CCNA Certification

As a certified CCNA professional, you learn the skills and competence required to advance your professional career.

So you obtain a certification that has become the global standard for Cisco solution management for enterprises worldwide.

You learn enterprise-level IT fundamentals such as networking, programmability, security, and automation.

Increase your confidence by comprehending the real-world applications and workings of CCNA that you will learn in the training course.

So earn global recognition from your seniors, colleagues, and other enterprise stakeholders by earning your CCNA degree.

With a globally recognized Cisco credential, you may embark on a successful and future-proof career path.

Join a worldwide community of over 900,000 certified CCNA professionals.

Because the worldwide market with technological talents regarded as among the best in the business.

Earn more than any junior-level IT position. Because the annual salary range for CCNA professionals is between $61,000 and $125,000.

Participate in a worldwide community consisting of more than 900,000 CCNA-certified professionals.

But you may become a global professional with the industry’s most recognized and regarded certification in CCNA.

What Happens If You Fail the CCNA Certification Exam?

One thing to keep in mind is that not every CCNA candidate passes the CCNA certification exam on the first try. The same is true for any certification. Candidates may take this certification exam as many times as they choose. However, the CCNA exam is not cheap. So the fee for each attempt is $300, and applying many times could result in much higher prices.

It is difficult to obtain a certification, especially a globally recognized one like CCNA. But it’s worthwhile. Please don’t put off your career. So give it the push it needs by enrolling in a CCNA training course today.

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