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Absence Of An Interview
Absence Of An Interview

Absence Of An Interview

Employer’s opinion

Time Summary: It is a pity that the interviewer had to leave because of the rush. Change opinions or concerns. We are not talking about the case of under-broking, in this case, the tables were reorganized without any damages and the unsuccessful petitioners had no complaints – different gentlemen.

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But the silent interlocutor is disturbing. Instead of looking for the best candidates for job vacancies not only to brokers but also for vacant applicants, like… the applicants themselves! In fact, “nothing in the world can happen without a trace,” and therefore irresponsible behavior of applicants is often not punished. Don’t forget a powerful weapon like word of mouth. “I guess I didn’t say I’d come!” before holding his hand. So why not call him for an interview!

Late for an interview

Yes, it is better not to be late for interviews. Calculate in advance the time that it will take you on the road, make allowances for possible traffic jams and leave the house early. It is better to sit for a cup of tea in the nearest cafe from the place where the interview will take place, waiting for the appointed hour. At the same time, calm down, tune in and have a fruitful conversation with an HR specialist.

If you are still late, do not refuse the interview at all. Anyone who, albeit late, came to the interview, can always prove to the recruiter that this oversight is an unfortunate accident and, demonstrating the level of their competencies, get the desired position. Whereas the faint-hearted truant has nothing to count on.

Interview fear

To paraphrase an old proverb, we can say: “To be afraid of interviews is to be out of work!” What excuses do applicants come up with to justify their fear of an interview! This is the fear of seeming stupid, tricky recruiter questions, and a sudden epiphany: “This company is too good for me!”.

1. Are you afraid to look stupid? 

Read articles posted on job sites about the rules of conduct at an interview. It clearly and in detail tells what you should not tell an HR specialist, how to answer certain questions, how to get around possible pitfalls, etc. Follow the advice and you just won’t get the chance to look stupid or funny.

2. Are the interviewer’s tricky questions intimidating? 

Often these questions are asked to test your level of stress resistance (maybe even the job posting mentions this requirement!) to understand how you behave in uncomfortable situations.

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In the end, you can always calmly and politely answer: “I’m sorry, but I would not like to talk about this.” No one is going to ask you for sure!

3. Do you feel unworthy to work for this company? 

What if you make a mistake and, by not showing up for an interview, you miss the most important change in your life? Not the gods burn the pots. Everyone who works at your dream company has also gone through the interview process. 

Do you suspect that your professional level will not impress a recruiter? If you don’t check, you won’t know if it’s true. Yes, even if so, you, seeing your interest, maybe offered a lower position, having worked in which and gaining the missing experience and competencies, you will mature to apply for the vacancy of your dreams.

Fear of rejection

Not going to an interview just because you’re afraid of being rejected by an employer smacks of immaturity. Naturally, there will be failures – such is life. But they should be taken not as confirmation of your insolvency (no need to feel sorry for yourself, this is not the case!), But as prerequisites for adjusting your resume, behavior, and manner of self-presentation, which will allow you to form yourself as an ideal applicant and find the desired job.

When receiving a rejection, ask the HR specialist to explain why you did not pass the interview, what are your weaknesses? What needs to be “pulled up” to apply for a vacancy of a similar level in the future?

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