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All You Need to Know About LED Lights

What does LED stand for?

While LED lights are so famous and are used almost everywhere these days owing to their numerous benefits, not everyone knows the full form of LED. In fact, only a handful of people will be able to recall it instantly. LED stands for Light-emitting diode.

Diodes are electrical devices generally made up of semi-conductive materials, having two electrodes, namely, anode and cathode. The flow of electricity is unidirectional from the anode to the cathode.

So, LED light is nothing but a semiconductor device which emits light when electricity is passed through the circuit.

How do LED lights work?

On connecting the diode to a voltage source, the electricity flows from the positive terminal at the anode to the negative terminal at the cathode, and the light is emitted. This is calLED forward bias.

If the position of positive and negative terminals is interchanged, then the electricity will not flow, and the light will not be emitted. This is called reverse bias, which prevents the flow of electricity and the glowing of the LED lights.

Where are LED lights used?

In everyday use, there is no place where LED lights are not used these days, i.e., they are used almost everywhere.Be it office or home, hospitals or factories, from street parking to modular lighting, people are opting for LED lights.

LED lights in office

Light plays a vital role in any kind of office set up. Whether it is a big office or just a home office, light plays a paramount importance.

The type of lighting dictates the mood and energy of the people, which in turn has an effect on the work.

If the lighting in the office is too dim, the employees will feel tired and lethargic in the setting all the time, and if the lighting is too bright for their eyes, you will have a constant complaint of headaches or, in severe cases, even migraine too. In both cases, the employees will not be able to give their best, and the quality of their work will be affected. And so perfect lighting is necessary to maintain the productivity of the employees.

There is a wide variety of options available to choose from, from miniature LEDs to flashing LEDs, but there are several factors that need to be considered before choosing the right one for you.

How to choose the right office lighting

  1. Investigate every corner of your office and make notes of where natural light comes from, where there is no need for any artificial light during the daytime etc.
  2. At some places in the office, you might need desk lamps, while at some other places, ceiling lights will be the perfect fit, determining the type of lighting you need in different corners of your office.
  3. There should be no flickering of lights as it is very irritating for everyone and many times it becomes the reason for headache for many people. In order to prevent complaints of constant headaches from your employees, avoid lights flickering.

LED Ceiling Lights

LED ceiling lights are also a very good option, not only for offices. The light overhead makes the entire place brighter and gives the employees a perfect set-up to work.

  • Flush lights
  • Semi-flush lights
  • Recessed lights
  • Utility lighting
  • LED indirect lighting
  • Pendant lights
  • Inverted pendant lights
  • Track and rail lighting
  • Glass ceiling lights
  • Fabric light fixtures

These are just a few of the types of LED ceiling lights from a vast variety that is available in the market.

Flat-panel LED light fixtures, suspended office lights, and recessed light fixtures are the best LED office ceiling lights and are widely chosen by people for their workplaces. These lights are easy to install and are also easy on the eyes as they provide an equally diffused light all around.

Not only the pattern but the colour of the light matters too. LED lights are available in a variety of colours ranging from white to blue, including shades of red, yellow, pink, green etc.

Make sure to evaluate all the factors – colour, temperature, brightness, pattern and also the cost before finalizing the LED light you want to choose for your home or office.

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