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Basic Guide to Men’s Suit Styles

The suit is powerful clothing. It can make you appear decent, sophisticated, appealing, attractive, and a true gentleman who knows what he wants. Men’s suit has the power to transform your personality. But unfortunately, many men are unaware of this fact. Many still consider a suit to have ordinary apparel for business people and corporate professionals.

And thus refrain from learning the art of styling the suit. Once you master this art, no one can stop you from being a true sartorial legend. But first, you have to learn the basics. Here is the essential guide you can refer to understand men’s suits and styles.

Three Basic Suit Styles

There are three different types or styles of suits in the market; each serves different occasions and physiques.

Two Piece Suit

A two-piece suit is the most basic type, including an outer jacket and trousers from the same fabric. This is a type of suit you can put on for job interviews. Generally, you will wear black, charcoal, grey, or navy blue suits with a long tie for business settings.

Three Piece Suit

A three-piece suit contains a matching jacket, trousers and a vest. This suit could be a perfect option for weddings and formal occasions at the office. However, there is a high chance of going wrong with this style, so invest in professional brands like Khaliques suits to get the fittings right.


Also known as a dinner suit, a tuxedo is a special occasion suit. Generally, it comes in a black or midnight blue with satin shawl lapels, besom pockets, and buttons. Tuxedo suits are typically styled with bow ties rather than long ties.

Different Suit Fits

Suits come with three fits, namely slim, classic, and modern, which are discussed below in detail.

Slim Fit Suit

This type of suit for men gives you a stylish, form-fitting look. Slim-fit suits eliminate all the excess fabric that keeps the jacket away from your body. In this style, the coat would be narrower to the chest and waist, but not to the extent that affects the blood flow. While slim-fit suits may look like they’re only for athletic builds, the truth is, these styles can work perfect wonders for a wide section of males with different body types.

A slim-fit suit is a suit that is true to the body’s natural contours and does not highlight definitions. The jacket has a slim stitch, contoured to the body but has some room for comfort. It is fashionable and shorter with marginally slimmer lapels to match shoulders and fit. The trouser comes with a slim fit, narrower legs, small leg opening, and are typically cropped.

The suit offers enough sleekness without revealing too much under there. Such a style of suit is generally a casual style. This means it is less suited for formal occasions and boardroom discussions, and more looks good on sports events and special occasion nights.

Classic Fit Suit

Classic fit suits are comfortably fit and unrestrained in design. This is a perfect style for those who don’t want to overthink the process. The classic fit suits keep more fabric than slim fit suits. This allows more breathability without turning to a loose or untidy aesthetic. Classic fits better suits for men with a fuller build. This style covers your rear end and reaches the end of your fingers rather than wrists.

Usually, this type of jacket comes with comfortable and softer shoulders that ease movement. The lapels are standard collar design, suitable for all suit jackets. And trousers would be in a regular fit, giving a classic and comfortable experience. Classic fit suits are an easy and perfect choice if you want something worn at the office from Monday to Friday but can also be paired with chinos on informal occasions for a smart look.

Modern Fit Suit

If you don’t have the confidence to pull off a slim-fit suit but want to flaunt your upscaled sartorial sense, then Modern fit suits can lean both ways, and so they can replace both classic and slim-fit suits. Modern fit suits offer a tight and sleek appearance and keep breathing room. The jacket has a comfortable slim, contoured fit and a shorter length. And its shoulders are slightly heightened and squared-off style. Since it imparts a slim look, the trouser will always be a flat front.

Modern fit combines classic and slim fit, so if you get the material and accessories right, you can pull off this on almost every occasion. Modern suit styles are created to win any style, from casual to dressy.

Things to Consider When Buying Suits

Buying suits might be a confusing task for first-time buyers. It might be a little more seamless option if you opt for physical purchasing in South Africa. However, if you buy online suits in South Africa, you might want to consider some things beforehand. Most suits have some distinguishing features, which you must consider when buying one.


The number of buttons varies according to different suit styles. For example, single-breasted suits have a single column of buttons, usually two buttons and sometimes even one or more than two. Similarly, double-breasted suits come with two columns of buttons. Moreover, button material may also vary; for example, tuxedos have satin or velvet layer buttons.


Vents are small, with one or two slits on the back of the suit jacket. They ensure comfortable mobility and airflow. However, some suits, such as Italian styles, might not have vents.


Pockets come in various styles like jetted, flapped, and patch. Jetted pockets are tucked into the suit’s lining, having only a narrow slit at the opening. Flap pockets are the same as jetted pockets, but a flap of fabric covers the opening. Finally, patch pockets are made of extra material and attached to the jacket. 


Like pockets, lapels also come in three types: notch, peak, and shawl. Notch lapels are more common ones. They come in a triangular cut between the collar and the lapel. Peak lapels come with an upward pointing peak that meets the collar. And shawl lapels have sleek oblong shapes, often seen in tuxedos.

Wrapping up

Suits are an essential element in every modern men’s wardrobe. When styled right, they can make you look like a sartorial god. However, many times, men don’t have the right knowledge about suits, hence this guide. We hope this guide has provided you with everything you need to know when you go to buy online suits in South Africa or at any place for that matter. The guide has covered and discussed basic topics that will help you make a better decision.

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