Best Android Games to Play for Free

It’s getting close to the end of this year, which means the countdown is on to play some of the titles that caught our eye in 2021. The game that is played on mobile has also become popular. With the use of touchscreens, smooth graphics, and high-quality sound and experience, it’s comparable to playing the console or PC game. Thanks to the advancement of technology, the Android and iOS versions have created a fantastic ecosystem for gamers. Mobile gaming has opened the possibility of playing various genres, including card games, puzzle games, casual racing, adventure and more.

In this list, we’ll focus on Android; however, all of these games are accessible for the iOs platform. Here’s a hand-picked list of android games that you must play:

Fantasy Cricket

Fantasy gaming online has attracted an abundance of interest in recent years. With the Dangal Games application, you can create an online cricket team of 11 players from an actual game. To do this, you need to select the top 11 players from two teams participating in a match on the specified day. Then you select the captain and vice-captain in the group and lock the team. The procedure of playing cricket in a fantasy app download league is straightforward. The goal is to rack up the most points you can and get a spot on the leaderboard by beating your rivals. Points earned are based on the way the players you’ve chosen perform. There are various types of attributes for runners or wickets and catch, along with other variables.

Fantasy Football

Another genre of game based on fantasy can be found in The game Fantasy Football, where players have to build a football team to play against other players and the rosters they’ve created. It’s a type of game that is played by people who want to put their football skills on the line against fellow players. Through the Dangal Games application, you can create teams of your own and earn cash prizes and exciting prizes. It’s become one of the most played games for players.

Fantasy Basketball

Dangal Games provides you with a fantastic chance to design the perfect basketball dream team and make real cash. Choose the basketball players you like and earn points based upon the actual performance of your chosen players. Test your basketball skills by selecting the most effective basketball players to make the Fantasy Basketball team, score points and win real money.

Increase your odds of winning by picking the top players from the best teams such as the Houston Rockets, San Antonio Spurs, Milwaukee Bucks, Miami Heat & more.


If there is a game that generates interest among Indians, this is Indian Rummy. Therefore it has become essential to the online gaming business. This classic sport is filled with fun, challenges, and excitement.

Dangal Games offers this traditional Rummy card game, which requires expertise, accompanied by the advantages of a secure platform, fast gameplay and the latest graphics for players across the United States. It is completely safe and offers a flawless game experience for every Indian player.

With multiplayer modes, players can play multiple rummy games with multiple players at the same time. Additionally, you can find comprehensive tutorials and blogs if you’re new to the game.


The game of online Poker is one of the most played online poker games played in India. At Dangal Games , our goal is to offer the most popular games with an exceptional online playing experience that keeps players coming back on our poker website. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced online poker pro, Dangal Games offers all sorts of table limits that will fit any player’s budget and goals.

Dangal Games Online Poker app is one of India’s biggest and most trusted online poker sites. Be careful when playing, and you are likely to take home exciting prizes as well.

Call Break

Call Break real money can be described as an online card game. A strategy-oriented card game like Spades is a popular game throughout Nepal in Nepal, and India. It is undoubtedly one of the best games played using 52 cards that four players play. There are five rounds to this game. The player’s seating direction and the first dealer are chosen before the beginning of the game. You can download the Dangal Games app for Google Play and iOS platforms. Dangal Games is live-streamed to help you make real money.

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