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Healthcare Social Media Marketing

Best Social Media for Healthcare Marketing

Best Social Media for Healthcare Marketing: Here are the four main social networks and how they can help your Medical Center’s social media plan.

Facebook for the medical sector

Facebook’s largest social media platform user base today is a great place to share updates on your profession and events.

You could use Facebook to:

  1. Notify people of an upcoming open day or check-up day
  2. Remind patients about seasonal health problems
  3. Let people know about construction in progress blocking the entrance to a parking lot

Facebook is very valuable as a reference point for patients and potential patients. If they want to keep up to date on your Center, they should have easy access to your Facebook page to find out.

Twitter for the medical sector

Think of Twitter as the place for your healthcare marketing agency. If there is a turnaround in a specific type of healthcare marketing or health issue that people should be aware of, you can share this information on Twitter.

People check these feeds for up-to-date information; if you provide it, you can build a strong following that may eventually become patient.

You could use Twitter to:

  1. Publish the results of a new study published by a Professional in your Clinic
  2. Announce a scholarship won by one of your doctors
  3. Highlight a story in the local newspaper about your Multi-specialty Center

Twitter is very valuable as a news source and information for patients, but it is also aimed at anyone who wants to know more about your Center. So update your feed regularly, and be sure to answer any comments or questions.

Best Social Networks for Healthcare Marketing

LinkedIn for the medical sector

LinkedIn is a professional social media marketing agency. Every business should have a LinkedIn account, but how much you use that account can depend on your industry. For the medical sector, it can be a great asset.

LinkedIn offers a great deal of in-depth discussion and analysis. You may not come into contact with new patients, but strengthen your reputation as a Research Center or Pole of Excellence. Add dialogs on topics of interest to your industry.

You can also help establish your company as an authority in the field. When you develop a large list of answers to healthcare-related questions, it gives you credibility. As a result, other Medical Centers and some patients will notify you and give you more respect and attention.

YouTube for the medical sector

YouTube is a Google-owned video-sharing network that streams billions of videos every day.

Medical offices and multi-specialty centers can set up their channels on the site in which to share relevant videos for patients and potential patients. Think of it as your Centre’s video network, where you can share important information.

For example, post a short YouTube video explaining the information instead of sending an information packet about check-in policies, rules, and regulations for the physiotherapy ward. It is much easier for your customers to watch a video than to read a large brochure; a video is much more likely to be protected than a booklet.

YouTube is a unique way to engage patients with interesting and informative videos. Reward creativity because people will share smart videos with friends, no matter the source. And there is always the hope that your video will go viral and be shared with millions of people on the web.

Which Social to choose for your Healthcare Marketing?

Need help with healthcare social media marketing?

If you need help building and managing a professional healthcare social media marketing strategy, a healthcare marketing agency can help.

Our team has helped Medical Centers and Clinics like yours create better social media accounts, update them regularly and attract new patients through ad hoc advertising campaigns, which comply with current legislation and the highest results standards!

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