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Better safety on the playground with rubber playground tiles
Better safety on the playground with rubber playground tiles

Better safety on the playground with rubber playground tiles

Many of us grew up playing on the playground as children. Times vary at that time and in the summer you can play from sunrise to sunset unattended, just resting by the garden hose for a cool drink. Things are vastly different today and another change in the field of playground security in general.

Today, more than 80% of public playground equipment has some kind of protective surface around it. Backyard playgrounds vary widely – about 9% of backyard playgrounds have some kind of protective surface, and most contain only grass or dirt.

According to the US Consumer Product 안전놀이터 Commission (CPSC), this is more than 69% of the 50,000 annual backyard injuries. These are mostly injuries that could be prevented by using playground tiles or other protective surfaces.

You can use a variety of surfaces to protect your child

Sand is not recommended because children can track it everywhere and get it out of the device area and get them in their eyes. The wood coating is good but requires constant maintenance and coating replenishment, otherwise undercoating/balding may occur where children can be injured.

Rubber coatings or rubber knives are much better for cushioning and protection, but they have the same problem as sand or wood mulch – they can also be tracked away from the equipment or hazardous areas.

Perhaps the best protective surface to use is playground rubber tiles, also known as playground mats. Rubber playground tiles are great because you can get different thicknesses from 1″ to 4 1/4″. This is great because CPSC has a statistic called “Playground Equipment Critical Height”, which is the highest score kids can get on any playground equipment. Once you know the critical height. You can calculate the thickness of the playground tiles or overlay required for that area.

Rubber playground tiles have holes in the bottom so they fit on almost any surface

You can get tiles of different colors to match or design a beautiful playground color scheme. They are made of recycled rubber and are environmentally friendly. They have interlocking edges so they are easy to install and the rubber component is breathable and resistant to damage.

However, if some tiles are damaged or worn, you can only replace that tile or part of it. When assembling the bricks, a little strong adhesive is used to connect them, so that children cannot separate them.

The water on them dries quickly because the water doesn’t freeze

Finally, these rubber bricks can be purchased in bright, basic colors that many kids love.  Although parents agree with these requirements for their children, they feel more comfortable if they are sure of their child’s safety in school playground equipment and even in outdoor spaces. commercial space. This is more convenient if parents don’t have to constantly monitor their child’s play.

Over the past few years, many such changes have been made to children’s playgrounds, including foam padding for playground surfaces, availability of good food near the 메이저놀이터, safe transportation, and more information. more information about children’s health. However, parents need to be aware that the playground makes things easier for both themselves and the little ones. But they also need to be mindful of the little ones’ activities.

This kind of protective surface can reduce the number of scratches. Cuts, bruises, and even bad injuries like fractures and bruises. For this and many other reasons. It’s a good idea to test your playground safety tiles for your public playground or backyard!

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