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BPA Free LSR Applications

In our daily life, silicone products can be seen everywhere, silicone housewares are one of them. As we know, the major material of silicone products is liquid silicone rubber. What is liquid silicone rubber (LSR)? Silicone is a high-performance polymer with multi-characteristics of high and low-temperature resistance, durability, and high ductility. Liquid silicone rubber (LSR) is viscous, so its process is mostly through silicone injection molding.

NEW TOP is an all-around silicone manufacturer supporting a one-stop service of  LSR customization、design、 manufacturing for global customers.


Several reasons you should use liquid silicone rubber in houseware.

  1. It is highly bio-compatible.That means liquid silicone rubber can be used for making parts that are closely in contact with human and daily life, for example, organ parts or prostheses, or consumer products, like brushes, kitchenware.
  2. It is very safe and durable. Liquid silicone rubber is non-toxic, BPAfree, and tasteless. Due to the specialty of liquid silicone rubber, sosilicone products can service for a long time.
  3. High and low-temperature resistance. Liquid silicone rubber can work among a wide spectrum of temperatures from -60°C to +250°C, it still can keep high performance at all times.
  4. Design freedom. Liquid silicone rubber with flexibility can give customization service. We can customize design and make products whatever consumers want.
  5. Chemical resistance. Thermoplastic elastomercan resist chemicals in a wide range of applications. But they only own the character of chemical resistance in moderate temperatures.

Liquid silicone rubber has low water absorption and is well resistant to common chemicals even when exposed to extreme temperatures.


Wide applications of LSR in housewares

Due to the special features of versatility and unique properties, liquid silicone rubber can be found in a various range of housewares, like beauty brushes and earbud cases.

  1. Silicone Rings

Silicone rings are rubber rings that are soft and durable. It is tasteless and environmental-friendly, and it has no harm to human skin. Consumers can customize these rings from our company to make them unique.

  1. Silicone Cases

For years, silicone has been widely used in many electronic products, including phone cases, earbud cases, iPad covers, etc. Silicone cases give a better touch feeling for users rather than traditional plastic cases.

Here are some features of LSR applications in cases:

(1) Tight fit

With its special beauty of flexibility and malleability, silicone can be molded easily to shape and then completely fit the phone. They are not bulky and heavy to carry. Those cases made of silicone are also easy to put on and take off.

(2) Protective

Silicone is good at withstanding strong shock absorption, so it can protect the phone from dropping and other damage. Silicone cases are also very waterproof.

  1. Storage Products

We may not realize it, but we are surrounded by silicone products. The silicone storage bag is a good example. Silicone is regarded as a greener material than other plastics. Silicone is not biodegradable, but to some extent can still be recycled.

  1. Beauty Products

Silicone is a common component in many skin care products, like silicone beauty brushes, and silicone facial masks. The benefits can be included below: improving texture, locking in moisture. It creates the surface of the skin a smooth feeling.

Liquid silicone rubber owns many benefits. It has endless possibilities in the future. NEWTOP, a professional liquid silicone factory in China, is a very reliable cooperation partner you can trust. We support OEM/ODM service for you. Our team can help you to optimize your processes and applications. Contact us for your custom molded silicone products.

In adddition to housewares, we still expert at other industries.

As a customized-bulk silicone molding partner owning the highest-quality safe&special products in China, NEWTOP has produced safe&special silicone molding items for almost 15 years. This means we had adept and abundant experience in manufacturing your products and can help you to refine the design, upscale efficiency, and decline costs.

Gas water heaters, smoke & carbon dioxide detectors, seals&gaskets, and other safety-related products must guarantee to perform reliably and lastly to ensure safety. These devices work in challenging environments from extreme cold to extreme heat, so choosing suitable material is first.

Luckily, liquid silicone rubber offers enough stability and resistance, and long-lasting requirements for these safety-type applications. The unique characteristics of liquid silicone rubber connected with high precision and productivity made by a top-automated injection molding are ideal for unbreakable tolerance. Whether your requirements are simple, complex, or abstract, liquid silicone rubber and injection molding technology can solve these challenges. If you are still hesitating to choose a reliable silicone manufacturer and a molding technology, please looking through ahead.

Silicone Performs in Safety& Special Applications

  1. Customized silicone seals&gaskets

In most industrial products, parts are responsible to endure tough environmental conditions where the sustainable performance of products may depend on seals and gaskets.

When compared to other molding technologies, our fully-automated injection molding technology can improve quality and narrow tolerance. In line with the different designs of parts, our LSR over-molding or LSR two-shot injection molding technology will make precision, top quality, and effective cost come true.

Features of O-Rings:

  • Silicone o-rings are resistant to most of the chemicals and retain their mechanical properties even after being exposed to high temperatures for a long time.
  • These o-rings have excellent dielectric properties, a low coefficient of friction, flexibility, toughness, and less to no moisture absorption property.
  • O-rings are resistant towards UV radiation, ozone, and hot air.
  • Silicone o-rings are resistant towards fungus.
  • O-rings are odorless and non-toxic as silicone compounds are clean. Used in food, medical, and semi-conductor applications.
  • These o-rings are often used in fuel systems when temperature is very low.
  1. Sealed housings

For those complex items that require accurate parts of a ring, seal, or gasket or when the parts play an essential role in the function and service life. NEWTOP’ LSR injection molding or LSR multi-shot molding technology can provide a top-efficient solution that reduces errors and challenges to further improve parts performance.

As one of the longest-served, silicone molder manufacturers in China, we have set ourselves as an industrial explorer in the injection molding area. We are happy to discuss your explicit requirements and explain in detail with you in the next step of producing process, please don’t hesitate to contact us now!

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About newtopcustomsilicone

Xiamen Newtop Material Company is a new enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales, specializing in manufacturing and selling silicone rubber products. It is committed to precision liquid silicone injection molding, solid silicone molding and precision silicone mold making. It has modern production workshop, independent design with R & D ability and young management team. We can provide customers with professional production with processing services and personalized product customization services. As one of the best silicone rubber parts manufacturer, we focus on improving our production craft, our liquid silicone rubber(LSR) injection molding factory passed the ISO 9001:2015 and BSCI audit, and our silicone rubber products are approved by FDA, SGS, and CE. You are guaranteed to place an order with us, we will be your trustworthy supplier of silicone rubber products.

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