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Car Key Replacement​

Broken car key: what to do?

Having a broken car key stuck in your vehicle’s lock is a frustrating and aggravating ordeal. Because who can change a car key if they do not have a spare, you may feel helpless when it happens to you.

Getting a new car key cut isn’t as difficult as you think. There are professionals out there who can do the work for you, but you may have to wait a while before they can fit your key into their schedule. Luckily for you, we have solutions to recommend in this article.

Don’t try to fix a broken car key

However, we do not recommend cutting a new car key yourself. Broken keys are not easy to handle, especially if the key is broken into two or more pieces. Assume they are irreparable. It’s much simpler and cheaper to make a new one. Instead, find a professional Car Locksmith Tampa offering emergency service.

Look for a reliable and competent automotive locksmith

It will help if you look for a car key store in your area that offers 24/7 service and guarantees their work. That is the only way to ensure that the new key will fit your car. You don’t want to return with a different key, wasting your time and money. As much to tell you, if you are in the Tampa Bay area, you must immediately call on All In One Locksmith. He is an exceptionally professional expert!

The make and model of your car matters

Here’s what you should do when you have a key cut: find out the make and model of your vehicle. So, if it turns out that the new keys need some adjustment, there will be no problem. Also, remember that many dealerships offer knock key services to their customers. Nevertheless, we recommend that you instead use the services of an automotive locksmith who will undoubtedly be cheaper, faster, and more efficient in meeting your needs.

Please leave it to an expert

The rule of thumb is to leave it to an expert when there’s a problem with your car key. Don’t try to fix it yourself, don’t buy cheap keys online or in markets.

You could end up with a key that won’t work or won’t be able to protect you.

How will an auto locksmith fix my broken car key?

They usually use a unique tool to remove the metal from your car key, then insert the new key. Once that’s done, they can quietly work on your lock to replace your broken car key with a brand new one, which they’ll do instantly based on your vehicle lock.

There are many car key replacement companies like All In One Locksmith. This specialized company operates throughout the Tampa Bay area. It will ensure you get a reasonable price for your new keys and excellent service from an experienced company.

Decode your car lock

Put your mind at ease and contact a locksmith in Tampa today for a quick and effective solution to the problem. Do not hesitate to call them as soon as you realize a broken car key in your car. They will fix the problem quickly and efficiently. With such an expert company, you can be sure of the following.

First, they will check the vehicle papers. The objective is to verify that you are the car owner on which the key is broken. Secondly, they will decode your car lock. Thus, they will know precisely how to remake a new car key from a blank key.

Then, the expert automobile locksmith will initialize the electronic imprint of your new car key so that it can open your vehicle.

How long does it take to repair a broken car key?

Once they’ve decided on your car lock, the experts can fix it in about an hour. You will then see that everything works perfectly!

Be aware that the immobilization of your vehicle is very long and, therefore, often very expensive. While it never takes more than two hours between the time you call the car key repairman and the time they deliver your brand new key.

The only reason that could slightly worry you is logically the question of cost. As a general rule, this is an expense that you can have your bank’s insurance cover. Your broken car key could, therefore, logically cost you nothing.

Broken car key: mistakes not to make

If you have a broken car key, avoid some mistakes. But, if you are lucky and have a double, don’t just rely on it. Because imagine that something terrible happens to you after your first broken car key. It could be that, unfortunately, you lose your double.

We, therefore, recommend that you act immediately when you have a broken car key and call a competent professional—ideally, an automotive locksmith who will be able to intervene as soon as possible.

Also, don’t go to a dealership, which can waste a lot of your time. He’s not a car key specialist.

Finally, we have already told you, but do not try to repair your key yourself. It does not work, even if it may seem ecological.

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