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Can a model have tattoos?

You may be surprised to learn that tattoos aren’t as taboo in the modeling industry as you may have thought, despite what you see on reality television shows like America’s Next Top Model. It’s possible to become a top model even if you have tattoos if you are one of the few models with model-worthy skin art.

Yes, we can!

There’s no denying that our body art is beautiful. Tattoos, whether in color or not, are expressions of an artist, and therefore models who may have visible ink can still be considered for print work. Having tattoos doesn’t mean you can’t do fashion modeling.

As long as your ink is tasteful and covers areas where photos will be taken (like your face), you can make it big in fashion modeling. Body art also doesn’t preclude a model from being included in runway shows either.

Plenty of Korean models show off their tats when they strut down runways during fashion week! Like we said before, it just depends on how much coverage they want to give up while strut.

Work within the industry

Modeling is a highly competitive field, so working with someone who knows industry trends and standards will better prepare you for success. However, it is possible to get into modeling without knowing anyone in the business.

Reach out to modeling agencies and ask if they host open calls where you can go and show your portfolio. If you can’t make it to an open call, shoot photos that showcase your best angles and post them on online sites like Model Mayhem or Fashion Networx.

Even though tattoos are considered risky in fashion modeling, some top tattooed models have done well, including Bethany Townsend of Britain’s Next Top Model fame—and she wears her ink proudly.

A) Model with Tattoos in editorial campaigns

Tattoos can certainly be fashionable. But is it possible for an individual with tattoos to work as a professional model? The answer, in short, is yes; it depends on what you mean by professional.

Tattoos are trendy and increasingly common among celebrities, but they’re still considered edgy in many other sectors of society. An editorial or catalog shoot typically involves quite a bit of male and female nudity.

B) Model with Tattoos in Advertisements

While we may think tattoos are cool, businesses don’t necessarily share that opinion. Most ad agencies follow strict regulations about what is and isn’t allowed in advertisements and magazines.

If you want to be featured in print ads, it’s best to avoid getting body art like your favorite band name or Chinese characters down your side. Even classier brands like Victoria’s Secret have rules on how far up an arm they allow ink to go.

While they won’t say what happens if you break those rules, the word on the street is that models with visible tattoos can get replaced by ones without them at any time during production.

C) Model with Tattoos at castings

A tattoo is an image made by inserting ink, dyes, and pigments, indelible or temporary, into the dermis layer of skin to change skin color. Tattoos are a common form of body modification, but sometimes they can be career-killers. How do you know if your tattoo will affect your chances of being cast as a model? We’ve got some info on what to expect when applying for jobs in modeling with visible tattoos!

Are models allowed to have tattoos?

There is no set rule on whether or not models are allowed to have tattoos. It’s very dependent on how visible they are. Tattoos can be accepted but are more likely to be rejected if they’re exposed while wearing an outfit.

If your tattoo is seen during jobs and photo shoots, you must ensure it is professional looking and avoid anything that could offend or disrupt your industry. There isn’t always a universal agreement between agencies, so you should check in with each agency you plan on applying to beforehand.

Remember that there are many more people who do not like tattoos than those who do, and being turned down for one may mean trouble when applying for future modeling jobs at other agencies.

Can Victorias Secret models have tattoos?

If you are interested in becoming a Victoria’s Secret Angel and want to get some ink done, then it is all up to their discretion. If you plan on getting your first tattoo and want to know whether or not your modeling career will be affected, then there are three things you need to keep in mind.

First, many people mistakenly believe that having a tattoo will automatically result in rejection. In reality, there is no hard-and-fast rule saying that one mustn’t have tattoos or piercings while modeling; they cannot be visible while working.


Since most companies are looking for professional models, such as an advertisement in a magazine or online, you should show yourself off in your best light. Try to find a person’s picture on Google Image and look at their photos from different angles. If you see any flaws in their appearance, try to fix them. This will give you more confidence when you are in front of people.

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