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Can Licorice Really Lower Fertility?

Can Licorice Really Lower Fertility?

Licorice is an herbal plant that is often used in food raw materials and traditional medicine. One of the benefits of licorice is that it helps with colds, indigestion and reduces menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes.

However, according to a study, herbal licorice is said to reduce the production of love hormones and reduce fertility.

Is it true that licorice interferes with fertility?

Licorice can reduce gene expression or the translation of gene information related to the production of hormones.

As a result of this process, the consumption of licorice makes the production of estrogen in the body decrease.

Keep in mind estrogen is a hormone that controls a woman’s menstrual cycle and thickens the lining of the uterine wall to support the process of fertilization of an egg. Meanwhile, the Cenforce 100 also plays a role in influencing physical desire or male libido.

Unfortunately, researchers did not explain further how the effect of decreasing hormones on reproductive health.

The hormone estrogen could affect fertility

The researchers only revealed that reduced levels of the hormone estrogen could affect fertility.

Through this study, researchers observed the effect of isoliquiritigenin, which is thought to interfere with the production of the hormone estrogen. In previous studies conducted on animals, these plant compounds can interfere with the production of the hormone estrogen.

In the trial process, researchers used female rats as a model. Researchers exposed isoliquiritigenin to the antral follicles of immature mice for 48-96 hours. Glandular sacs are located in the ovaries and play a role in producing estrogen and other hormones. cenforce 200 can help for men.

After antral follicles were exposed to high levels of isoliquiritigenin, there was a 50 percent decrease in the expression of genes that affect love hormone production.

Researchers identified a reduction in the expression of the aromatase gene or an enzyme that plays a role in converting testosterone to estrogen.

The study concluded that these findings could serve as a reference in the future to be aware of the risks of isoliquiritigenin on reproductive health.

Still Needs Further Research

Responding to the research results above,  the side effects of licorice on fertility still require further observation. The reason new research conducted on mice has not been proven in humans.

Licorice should not be consumed in large quantities and in the long term because it can trigger hypertension and arrhythmias.

Licorice root can be consumed orally or directly as 4.5 grams per day for 4 months.

Meanwhile, if used in the form of a gel, licorice root extract with a level of 2 percent is quite safe to use for up to 2 weeks. vidalista 20 and vidalista 60 to improve for physical health.

You can consult a doctor to get the right dose of licorice consumption. Because the consumption of licorice as much as 5 grams or more can cause dangerous side effects such as heart attacks.

Meanwhile, if you have heart, kidney, and blood pressure conditions, you may be sensitive to licorice.

Also, be aware of the consumption of licorice in sweets or herbal teas because there is a risk of causing severe side effects for health.

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