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Corporate Catering
Corporate Catering

Choosing the Suitable Corporate Catering

Choosing the right corporate catering team is critical whether you’re arranging a wedding, a corporate conference, a fundraiser, or a marketing expo. Naturally, you want your event to be flawless, and you want to be sure you’re getting the best value for your money. Finding the finest caterer for your cash can be difficult if you aren’t an experienced event planner.

What do you look for in a corporate catering provider, and how do you evaluate them when you’ve never planned or staged a significant event before? Not to worry; we’ve put together some simple guidelines to assist you in finding the ideal caterer for your next big event.

Limit Your Options

To discover the best corporate catering service for your event, start narrowing down your options to a few selected companies.

If you have never booked or hired caterers before, you’ll have to start. Screen out possibly unpleasant caterers, get referrals from friends and business acquaintances, and read online evaluations. Ask the management at your event site for recommendations of caterers they’ve worked within the past.

Visit the Location

It is a crucial point. It would be wise to make an appointment to see kitchens before deciding on corporate catering service. Check for cleanliness and assess the staff’s professionalism. You’re looking for a spotless and professional environment.

A cluttered and filthy kitchen is a red flag, and it’s most often the result of a catering team that doesn’t care about their work. Look for spotless kitchens and kind employees.

Optional Menus

Consider the food alternatives and the caterer’s expertise. You want to match the catering service to your demands because not all catering services are appropriate for all events.

A caterer who specializes in traditional Italian cuisine, for example, may struggle to present a Japanese-inspired buffet. That has nothing to do with their ability but instead with their experience.

Talk to the caterer about your menu ideas and other menu selections. Discuss any dietary limitations that your guests may have that the caterer must be able to fulfill.

Corporate Catering
Corporate Catering

Personnel Availability

Ensure the corporate catering you hire has the staff needed to service your event before signing any contracts fully. The number of people you’ll need depends on the size and nature of your event, so talk to the head of catering about your plans to be sure they’ll be met.

Use the cheat sheet below to help if you’re unsure how much stuff you’ll need.

  • Assume two servers per thirty people for a buffet. Two or three extra runners should be added to clear plates and reload chafing stations for large gatherings.
  • Dinners: Assume one server per table of eight for sit-down meals, with additional servers to handle beverage service.
  • You’ll need at least one bartender and one barback for every fifty people. You may require more bartenders if you plan to have specialized cocktail stations.

Keep in mind that every six staff members will require a service captain to oversee service and ensure that everything works well. Check with a caterer to see whether they can provide all the workers you’ll need on the big day.

Customer Feedback

You want to make sure that the corporate catering business you hire is willing to collaborate with you and consider your suggestions.

You may now want to sketch down a meal and hand over the reins to the caterer. However, the caterer you hire should be ready and eager to collaborate with you throughout the planning process.

Menu Samples

Your corporate catering should be willing to set up a tasting so you can sample the menu and approve the various items that will be served at your event.

It is yet another crucial point. You want final approval on the menu, and the caterer should be willing to let you try their work before it’s put on the table.


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