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Dubai Expo 2020

Dubai Expo 2020

Dubai has turned itself into an international destination with great innovations in its infrastructure and development of art, culture and science in its society. The region is now known as a city of skyscrapers with amazing architecture is already a famous attraction and tourism site for millions of people from all around the world. Dubai Expo 2020 has given a lot of benefits to foreign investors.

In November, 2013, numerous cities bid to show their interest in hosting the expo event, total 164 nations voted and Dubai won the bid by 116 votes to host the event.

Dubai Expo 2020 has started from October 1st 2021 to March 31st 2022.

MEASA region is going to experience the first largest expo event with people visiting from 190 countries.

It is the first largest business Expo where people from different nations come together to witness topnotch arts and culture, science and technology and innovation and invention. This event has helped people to open their business venture in Dubai.


Themes of Dubai Expo 2020

The world Expo 2021 is based on the theme “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future” which means connecting like-minded people for creating a better future.

Sub-themes for Dubai Expo 2020 include sustainability, mobility and opportunity.

The six months of Expo 2020 Dubai is based on 10 theme weeks such as Climate and Bio-diversity, Space, Urban & Rural development, Tolerance &inclusivity, Knowledge and Learning, Travel & connectivity, Global goals, Health & Wellness, Foods, agriculture & Livelihoods and water.


Dubai Expo 2020 and Business Forecast

Dubai Expo 2020’ is the most covered event on Internet and TV with different channels covering every single detail regarding activities at Dubai Expo 2020.

There was a 4% rise in the stock market right after Dubai won the bid in 2013 and the economy of UAE is improving ever since. With such a boom in various sectors of UAE’s economy, its GDP is also increasing for a couple of years to come.

With Dubai Expo 2020, Dubai and UAE are going to experience rise in business activities and developments.

It is predicted that there will be great opportunities for the business in the real estate as the demand for hotels and residence will rise.


25 Million Visitors from Different Nationalities at Dubai Expo2020

25 million people are expected to visit Dubai 2020 where 17 million people are estimated as international visitors coming from all around the world.

This will lead to an influx of people from different fields with their business ideas and sharing their entrepreneurship journeys.


Dubai Expo 2020 and UAE’s Employment Market

With Dubai Expo 2020, Dubai and UAE’s Employment market will go on a rise with new projects in the fields of tourism, hotels, construction, transportation and tourism.

It is estimated that 250,000 jobs will be provided to employees working in the construction, tourism and travel sector of UAE.

There will be millions of visitors to accommodate and therefore real estate business is expected to invest at least 8 billion dollars to enhance infrastructure of the city and provide comfortable accommodation for the travelers and visitors.


Business Opportunities at Dubai Expo 2020

You can mark your calendars with world-class business events such as conferences for investors pitching and international and national investment forums joined by visionary minds of the world’s corporate sector.

You can get access to other businesses at the right time with right people via Business Matchmaking app at the Dubai Expo 2020.

People interested in tender and business prospects have joined Dubai Expo 2020 Supplier network to participate and bid in tender competitions.


Business Consultation Opportunities at Dubai Expo 2020

The event offers wide ranging business arrangements and consultation opportunities such as seminars, award ceremonies, summits and networking opportunities for product launches.

The challenging talks at the Expo 2020 revolve around topics such as climate change, ethical fashion responsible production and circular economies. The purpose of Expo 2020 is to enable its visitors to seek and bring innovative solutions to global issues.

Expo 2020 provides a blue print for sustainability helping shape a healthier, cleaner and safer future.


Marketing of Dubai Expo 2020

Individuals and companies from tourism industry can partner with Dubai Expo 2020 event managers and become authorized ticket reseller and earn commission for making Dubai Expo 2020 a success.

For international participants there is a specific portal where they can log in and connect with each other.


District 2020- A human-centric City for Businesses

After March 2022, the Dubai Expo 2020 site will be named as District 2020 which will evolve into a human-centric city for individuals and businesses, where they have unlimited opportunities to share their business knowledge and grow with different stakeholders.

Business ideas at District 2020 will contribute to future vision of Dubai Expo 2020 based on sophisticated technologies such as bid data, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI).


Dubai Expo 2020 and Development of a Business Ecosystem

UAE is a rapidly flourishing market with based on 3.5 billion people in the MEASA region.

The UAE leadership focuses on the significance of technological advancements and innovation around all sectors.

The UAE is among top 10 countries for developing a successful business ecosystem based on long-term business plans for industries including 3D printing, autonomous transport and clean energy.

Purpose of Dubai Expo 2020 is to provide an international platform is to establish international cooperation, agreements and investment for successful business outcomes.


Dubai Expo 2020 and Business Ideas and Activities

Following are the top-five lucrative business ideas for investing in Dubai.


IT Services Business

You can start your IT services business in different areas of technology such as financial technology, SaaS services, App development and biotechnology. There are great opportunities in technology business especially after the Covid-pandemic as all business across the globe has shifted online and therefore you can start a lucrative business by providing IT solutions and services to novice businessmen and entrepreneurs. Th most important thing to decide on is the location of the IT services company for example Free zone or Mainland Dubai. Novice entrepreneurs can get help from Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO) for setting up a successful IT services company.


Marketing Management Business

There are various marketing management companies are located in the United Arab Emirates and they are one of the top ten most lucrative and successful business. All new businesses need a marketing team to manage their marketing operations. You can offer different kinds of marketing services such as paid-ad marketing, SEO services, branding and other digital marketing services. You can flourish your business by offering outstanding marketing solutions to new businesses and entrepreneurs. This leads to your excellent portfolio development to base your reputation and find new markets to expand your business.


Hotel Business in Dubai

Dubai is a center for different kinds of business. It offers a planned and remunerative business environment. It draws attention of businessmen and entrepreneurs from all around the world. When it comes to welcoming these businessmen, entrepreneurs and tourists, hospitality sector plays a major role. This suggests huge demand in hotel business. As a hotel business owner, you can start a hotel business under different categories such as hotels, hotel apartments, hostels for youth, luxury resorts and guest houses. In order to start a hotel business in Dubai, you need to attain a tourism license and hotel license following the rules and regulations set by the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing.


Cosmetic Products Business

Cosmetic products business is one of the stress-free businesses as it is very easy to get a license for starting a cosmetic product business in Dubai. The rules and laws for setting up a cosmetic products business are business- friendly such as all cosmetic products should have safe ingredients for application on the skin, hair and nails. They should be approved by the ESMA (the Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology) for following all the standards set by the organization. If you are a novice entrepreneur looking for business ideas or a business investor, you should choose cosmetic industry as it holds great potential for a successful business in Dubai.


Food Item Business in Dubai

Food item trading business is a constantly growing business in Dubai. If you are planning to start a foodstuff business in Dubai you are on point. Food items in Dubai are manufactured, imported and exported. Setting a foodstuff business in Dubai requires business owners to follow certain processes of Dubai regulating authorities. Some of the most important steps while starting a food item business is to secure a food items business license from Dubai municipality. Other rules of the food item business include using containers with temperature tracking devices, maintaining hygiene of the food items and the containers.  The food item business license provides all the necessary resources for transportation, vehicles and containers to prevent contamination and protect food items from pollution.


Influence of Dubai Expo 2020

The influence of Dubai Expo 2020 is inspiring. It is about individuals and communities that foster developments in technologies. This has helped people to step ahead by entering into the offshore business in the region.

Expo events always provide you an overwhelming experience, introduce new knowledge and its implementation for a better living of citizens of world.

It tells you how an individual is smart enough to transform future. It provides exciting opportunities to connect with like-minded people and motivates us to think of our own business ideas and invest for a better future. Let us all be a part of world Expo 2020 in Dubai physically or virtually and learn to encourage and empower individuals and nations.

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