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Everything You Need to Know About Singapore Airlines Check-In Policy

The Singapore Airlines Official website has information about their check-in policies. On both the home page and at the bottom of every page. But it can be easy to miss or overlook when you’re in the midst of booking your flight. Here are answers to frequently asked questions regarding the airline’s check-in policies.

What is early check in?

Early check in is when you can leave Singapore and make your way to Singapore’s Changi International Airport ahead of schedule. If you’re flying internationally on Singapore Airlines Reservation, early Singapore Airlines Flights check in begins two hours before departure. Those traveling within Singapore are eligible for early check in three hours before departure. To take advantage of early Singapore Airlines check in, you must present a valid photo ID, such as a passport or driver’s license. The same rules apply if you want to participate in Singapore Airlines Online Check-in or self bag drop services at Changi International Airport.

Who can use the service?

Any passenger flying with Singapore Airline Business Class Flights, or a silver/gold KrisFlyer member. KrisFlyer Gold members also get two consecutive check-in bags free. The best part? There’s no fee for early boarding and you can use it for as many people as you want, so long as they’re traveling with you on your itinerary.

How much does it cost?

The cost for Singapore Airline Baggage’s 5kg checked is steep at $50, but if you buy a 10kg or 20kg checked bag. It drops down to just $30. If you’re planning on checking two bags. I recommend getting two of their 5kg bags and one of their 20kg ones. It costs $50 for both your 5kg bags and $30 for your 20 kg bag ($80 total). So it’s better to pay that up front rather than be surprise by a higher number at check-in. For example, my most recent Singapore Airlines Flight was book in May 2022 and had only one free check bag (5 kg) per person when booking with points.

When is it available?

The early Singapore Airlines check-in period is available for 24 hours. The 48-hour period is available one week prior to travel. The 72-hour window starts two days before you fly and ends at 11:59 pm local time. On your day of departure. There are some exceptions for major holiday periods. So it’s always a good idea to double check with Singapore Airlines website. When can I check in?: If you want to use Singapore Airline online check-in service. You must be ready to complete Singapore Airlines Tickets Booking between 30 minutes and three hours before scheduled departure. This means that if your flight departs at 8 am. You should be able to complete Singapore Airlines online check-in by 6:30 am or 7 am (depending on whether or not there is a three hour window). If you have an eTicket (i.e., electronic ticket), then all information will be preloaded into our system, including name changes if necessary.

Are there any restrictions?

According to Singapore Airlines Manage Booking, Passengers with a total checked baggage weight of more than 32kg will be charged an excess baggage fee. This is regardless of any applicable promotional allowances. Furthermore, If your suitcase/bag exceeds 75cm in length or 50cm in width (when expanded), you will be charged for two pieces of Singapore airline check baggage if traveling within Asia and Europe, or one piece when traveling on any other route. This can add up quickly and should be factored into your travel planning when booking tickets on Singapore Airlines.

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