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Finding 80+ Jobs In Pune – Contract Jobs

Pune is one of India’s fastest-growing cities, attracting professionals from all over the country in search of rewarding career opportunities. Pune was also named one of India’s most liveable cities in the Index. Pune’s quality of life is quite impressive for a metropolitan city in Maharashtra. Pune has excellent infrastructure and provides all necessary amenities for businesses to thrive. This is why, over the last few decades, this city has seen incredible growth.

Pune is home to both innovative start-ups and well-known names from around the world. As a result, securing a job opportunity in Pune could be the best decision of your entire career, bringing you closer to achieving your long-term goals.

Contract-Jobs ensures that our streamlined job search process makes it easier for you to find your ideal job In Pune.

The Scope of Jobs in Pune

Pune has many job opportunities for both freshers and experienced professionals because it is home to many local start-ups and multinational corporations. Because it is only a few kilometers from the growing technology hub of Pimpri Chinchwad, there are numerous opportunities for high-paying jobs in the IT and industrial sectors.

The job market in Pune is thriving, thanks to the presence of major corporations such as Tata, Wipro, Accenture, and others. Pune is also a major educational hub in Maharashtra, with several prestigious universities and colleges. As a result, many companies participate in campus placements to hire talented people for a variety of job opportunities in Pune.

Whether you are a recent college graduate looking for your first job or an experienced professional looking for new opportunities, Pune can help you achieve your goals. If you want to advance your career, conducting job searches in Pune could be the decision that changes your life forever.

Top Companies for Jobs in Pune

Here are some of the most coveted companies for job openings in Pune –

  1. NIC
  2. Business Integration Systems
  3. IGR Pune
  4. Wipro Ltd.
  5. Concentrix
  6. Capita Software
  7. Tech Mahindra
  8. Minister Of Rural Development
  9. xpressbees
  10. Exela Technologies

Because Pune is home to both tech-based and manufacturing-based companies, you can find employment in whichever sector you prefer. A job search in Pune will assist you in analyzing the numerous companies present in various fields such as sales, legal services, finance, and so on. This allows you to easily find the desired job vacancy in Pune.

Due to its proximity to Mumbai, Pune is regarded as an important city, assisting it to emerge as a prominent metropolitan city. Pune’s high living standards and abundance of job opportunities have made it a popular destination for professionals from all over India.

Popular Job Positions in Pune

There are undoubtedly many job openings in Pune right now. However, your search for a good job in the city will be influenced by one major factor: the industry in which you want to advance your professional career. Pune is a sought-after location for various companies from various domains to establish their base due to its strategic proximity to Mumbai and world-class infrastructure.

As a result, Pune is home to businesses of various sizes. Along with small businesses that operate on a regional scale, multinational corporations have offices in Pune. For qualified candidates, most of these companies offer entry-level positions, internships, freelance work, part-time work, and, of course, full-time work.

How to Look for and Apply for Jobs in Pune

The fundamental rule in applying for the latest job openings in Pune is to determine whether the industry or domain in which you want to work has a significant presence in Pune. After that, you must decide what kind of job you want –

Entry-level job opportunities are typically offered to candidates who lack the necessary experience for higher-level positions or who are recent graduates. While they may not pay well, these jobs are excellent for gaining valuable work experience and learning the essential aspects of the niche in which you wish to advance your career.

Furthermore, stipend internships are excellent learning opportunities for students seeking practical work experience. The philosophy is to provide important professional learning to these students before they complete their academic courses in order to transform them into skilled professionals after graduation.

Part-time jobs are opportunities that do not require a significant amount of time and have a pay scale that is proportional to the amount of work completed by the candidate.

Freelance jobs remove the commitment of working for a specific company and allow a professional to take on as much work as he or she can handle without sacrificing quality.

Once you’ve decided on a career path, you must thoroughly prepare for your interview. Companies today require candidates with specific skill sets, so you must ensure that your skills align with the company’s requirements to increase your chances of landing the job. Conduct extensive research on the company before preparing for the interview. After you have completed all of this, you must visit the Contract-Jobs website and begin looking for suitable vacancies that match your profile.

Here Are Some Jobs In Pune | Contract Jobs

Java Developer / Solution Architect

Experience: 2-5 Years
Location: Pune, Maharashtra
Salary: 8.00-8.00 Lakhs Per Annum
Education: B.Tech, MCA computer science
Employment Type: FULL TIME

Job description

• You will be in charge of scoping, defining, and crafting solution offerings, as well as driving end-to-end technical solutions.
• Examine customer technology, define business requirements, and take part in risk assessment.

To be successful in the role, you must possess the following qualities:
• Education: Bachelor of Technology or a related technical degree.
• 9-12 years of experience is required.

Selenium Automation Tester

Experience: 4-7 Years
Location: Pune, Maharashtra
Salary: 14.40-14.40 Lakhs Per Annum
Education: B.Tech
Employment Type: FULL TIME

Click Here To Apply For – Selenium Automation Tester

Job description

  • Establish practices for quality engineering, automation testing, and continuous integration, with a focus on back-end APIs and system integration.
  • Work with multiple teams across geographies to ensure continuous improvement, innovate and own initiatives, and ensure they are successfully adopted and rolled out.
  • At the unit and integration levels, design and development frameworks as well as robust automation test scripts. (Controller and User Interface)
  • Conduct code reviews to manage the quality of automation code and to guide teams in making improvements and adhering to best practices.
  • Works on ongoing projects and assignments of varying scope, applying broader knowledge of industry standards/practices and ensuring complete quality for module/s with little to no supervision.
  • After clarifying requirements, work closely with product and development teams to scope/size, and create the strategy and technical design for quality delivery, as well as assist others within and across teams.
  • Participate in sprint planning meetings and daily stand-ups, as well as collaborate with teams to overcome roadblocks and adapt to changing needs in a fast-paced environment.

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