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Fix QuickBooks Error 6073, 99001 (Unable to Open Company File) - Featured Image

Fix QuickBooks is unable to open this company file error (6073, -99001)

First, we should know what the Error 6073 99001 is before knowing how to fix it isn’t it so let’s know about it. So, QuickBooks Error code 6073, 99001 is germinated when the company file is opened by two users at the same time and that too in single-user mode.

You might see the below given screen message on your desktop screen:



These errors are of 6000 series and Error 6073 is one of them. If you want that the issue not occur in your QuickBooks, then the multi-user option in the settings of QuickBooks must be configured accurately.


How can you know exactly about the arisen of QuickBooks Error 6073 99001?

So let us tell you about this error and how you can know about it. We mention some points below through which you can easily detect QuickBooks error message 6073 99001. Let’s have a look:

  • The application will not be answerable to the user promptly.
  • Windows screen will not look appropriately there could show some mess also.
  • The windows will get shut down abruptly and will not be able to fix even after rebooting.
  • Users can face difficulty in switching the windows while interacting differently with desktop software.
  • Unable to uninstallation or update QuickBooks desktop.


When you face the above difficulties, then you will understand that QuickBooks error code 6073 99001 has been occurred on your desktop.

Why did QuickBooks Error 6073 99001 generate?

As we discussed earlier that is what is occurring, but it was incomplete information we give you complete information on why this happens. Let’s have a look at the below points:

  • The first point is the same it will be used by another user too at the same time in single-user mode. but there are some more points.
  • It happens when also when the network folder in which the company file is situated and opened when it is in read-only mode.
  • Another reason has come to the fore and that is when the company file is in the Linux folder and the user used too many passwords to access the shared folder.
  • If you are trying to reach the file through remote access tools like (Team viewer, Go to Assists, etc.)


Solutions to troubleshoot the errors of QuickBooks Error 6073 – 99001

Look into the latest troubleshooting methods of QuickBooks error code 6073, 99001:

Solution 1 – Run the QuickBooks file Doctor on your desktop


Download the QuickBooks file Doctor on the desktop. It is an application developed by Intuit, which automatically scans company files and networks and more than this resolves common issues. You don’t have to put effort to resolve them.

Solution 2 – Highlight multiple-user mode on the server to avoid the error 6073- 99001 if it is open in another workstation

Yes, you can resolve the error manually by just doing a single change in settings if it is occurring through it then it will be resolved. Let’s see some of the steps of it.

  • Come out the all the networks of QuickBooks applications.
  • Access the company file on the hosting desktop.
  • Highlight the option to switch to multi-user mode under the File tab


  • Still, the error seems, then restart the computer.

Solution 3 – Open the company file in Multi-user mode 

Check your company file status by opening it in multi-user mode after changing it according to step 3:

  • Open the file from a prominent computer
  • Got to the File tab, click Close company
  • Open the file Again by clicking open or restore the company under the file tab.


  • Now, click open a company file and then click Next


  • Click open file multi-user mode
  • Click Open in end.

Solution 4 – Error due to file in a read-only network folder

  • As the first step will remain the same, open the company file on the main desktop
  • Open the file folder in which the error crashes.
  • Now right-click on the folder and select Properties.
  • Go to the Security tab.
  • After clicking on the Security tab, select the user who is facing issues in logging in.


  • Click edit after that Allow for full control
  • Click on the option of Apply and at last select OK

Solution 5 – Fix common issues if the company fie running through remote tools

You can easily fix the general issues with the QuickBooks Desktop program by running the Quick Fix Program Utility from QuickBooks tool hub program. Let’s see what the steps:

  • Go to the Quick Books tools hub and click Program Problems


  • Click Quick Fix my Program
  • Then, open the company file once again.

The Final words

If you are among those who still facing the QuickBooks Error 6073, 99001, then we are sure that with the above solutions you will get resolve your issue. If still, it’s not working then you can contact our QuickBooks enterprise support team geeks via our helpline 1-800-761-1787.

They will troubleshoot your problems if it is more than this like malware or virus infections, so, they scan the system and troubleshoot your viruses.

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