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Here’s Everything You Should Know About Hiring Node JS Developers

Node JS is the most prevalent technology for web development nowadays. But hiring the right node js developer has its own challenges. There are various options for hiring a web developer, and choosing the perfect one according to your project can be difficult.

And therefore, below is a guide that explains everything you should know about hiring Node JS developers from custom ecommerce web development service providers or agencies. Keep reading the article to know what options you have and what skills you look for when you hire a Node JS developer online or otherwise.

Options for Hiring a Node JS Developer


Hiring freelancers may seem to be a cost-effective option at first. And indeed, the hiring costs of freelancers might be lower, but other expenses may be associated with it. For example, your potential freelancers may not be good with website designing; in that case, you may have to hire another web designer. So, be prepared to hire multiple experts at a time if you choose to go with the freelancing option.

In-house team

In-house teams also seem like an excellent option at first. There will always be an expert when things go wrong. However, creating an in-house team of Node JS developers may increase the expense. For example, you have to pay salaries to your employees and spend on building and setting infrastructure. Moreover, you also have to invest your time and energy in screening, interviewing, and hiring individual developers.

Outsourcing companies

Hiring an expert outsourcing company is the most viable option. An outsourcing company covers everything from scoping your project to designing, developing, testing, and deploying. An experienced project manager will handle your project, make a timeframe, and set up the budget for each development phase. You will have complete control over the development team and will be able to assess the progress of the project development process.

Things you should look for in your Node JS developer

Adept in programming

This goes without saying; the Node JS developer you will hire should have extensive knowledge of programming language and its fundamental concepts, e.g., OOP. Moreover, they should be able to generate code for the core problems your project is targeted to solve. Finally, their code should be precise, correct, and readable.

Knowledge of front-end technologies

A Node JS developer with knowledge of front-end technologies would work better with back-end technologies. Otherwise, developers may waste time having compatibility between the front-end and back-end sides.

A good web developer should understand various front-end technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, VBScript, and popular front-end frameworks like Angular, React, and Vue. Knowing these, they would not have to waste time achieving compatibility between the aspects and be able to focus on other important tasks.

Proficiency with RESTful APIs

API facilitates communication between two systems without human intervention. And the APIs built using REST architecture are called RESTful APIs. Node JS uses these RESTful APIs to enhance the flexibility of web development projects. RESTful APIs are important for the operational efficiency of the Node JS web development project.

With this, you can leverage one web service completely independent of other services. There would be no shared state between the services unless you make a request for one. So, when you hire a Node JS programmer online, ensure they are proficient in working with RESTful APIs.

Understanding of Node JS frameworks

Node JS ecosystem also consists of various frameworks that aid website development. These frameworks help improve the existing functionalities of a Node JS framework. An experienced Node JS developer should be aware and well-versed with these frameworks to build efficient functionalities faster.

Some popular Node JS frameworks are:






Some frameworks are created for supporting specific projects, for example, Reaction Commerce for eCommerce development. This framework helps developers build project-specific features and offer seamless custom eCommerce web development services.

Know how to leverage asynchronous programming

Asynchronous programming is a programming type where sub-threads in the main application work concurrently and individually with the main thread. The sub-threads respond to the main thread regarding the code progress. This independence between the code blocks makes executing different app parts much faster.

However, asynchronous programming can be pretty difficult. If programmers are not careful, they can get stuck in an endless cycle of callback functions. So, when you hire a Node JS developer online, interview them for asynchronous programming and, even better, give them a program to write to assess their practical understanding of asynchronous programming.

Familiarity with workflow automation tools

If your project is big and complex, it can be challenging for developers to work with it. Automating the development work would be a good option. Gulp and Grunt are some of the popular automation tools for Node JS that can help automate the project; hence, your potential developer should be aware of these tools.

Flair in database management

A web application can’t function efficiently without a database. The most commonly used databases are MySQL, SQLite, MongoDB, MariaDB, Redis, etc. So, your developer should have a flair for at least one of these databases. In addition, they should be able to create database schemas that meet the website requirements, and most importantly, they should be able to choose the right database according to the website’s needs.

Knowledge of user authorization and validation

Your website needs to be able to check user validation and authorization, especially when dealing with sensitive data. Therefore, be conscious while you hire a dedicated Node JS developer online, and choose the one who has knowledge of incorporating security measures in your Node JS application.

Moreover, besides these skills, your Node JS developer should also have good analytical skills and conceptualization knowledge. These skills are non-negotiable if you are looking for expert, versatile, reliable Node JS developers.


When hiring a dedicated Node JS developer online, you often get overwhelmed with what process to get started with. Therefore, here we have given a guide that explains the ins and outs of hiring Node JS developers. You should evaluate your project requirements and hire a developer according to them. Moreover, you are also required to look for essential skills to ensure your project falls seamless.

If you want more information on hiring a Node JS developer or want to Hire a dedicated Node JS developer online, write us at info@hkinfoway.com or call us at +91 9408382596.

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