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washing machine repair services dubai
washing machine repair services dubai

High Quality Washing Machine Repair Dubai Services

A washing machine is a valuable appliance, and that’s the reason why investing in its maintenance will save you lots of money in the long term. Urbanclap is well-known for its high-quality washing machine repair services Dubai. Our specialists will arrive at your home, evaluate the issue, and recommend the most cost-effective and acceptable solution.

Our customers appreciate the fixed-cost washing machine and dryer repairs. The price is comprised of a visit to your premises, the work costs, as well as the cost of all essential repair parts.

Repair Care Repair Care washing gadget restore Dubai specialists have extensive experience in working with all the major manufacturers in the marketplace. A few of the bathing equipment and dryer brands we are focusing on include Ariston, AEG, Daewoo, Bosch, Electrolux, Frigidaire, LG, Indesit, Samsung, Whirlpool, Siemens, Zanussi, and many more.

What is a Washing Machine offers?

One of the most important household items you can purchase is a reliable washer. The process of washing clothes becomes longer and more labor-intensive task without a washer. There are numerous washing machine advantages and features and advantages, along with various washing machine models. Discover more about these efficient devices’ major advantages.

Time-saving washing machines

There’s no doubt about the primary benefit of a fully automated washing machine is that it saves the time for a lot of people in comparison with hand-washing. It is all that needs to be accomplished other than placing your laundry into the machine and turning it on and then selecting the appropriate cycle. There’s hardly any work required.

  • Launder entire loads of laundry.
  • Sort your laundry according to color and type of fabric.
  • Be sure to clean the stains removed as soon as they appear.
  • Cut down on the length of the cycle using the correct quantity of soap.
  • Choose which cycle is most effective.
  • It is recommended to clean up your computer.

Washing machines are easy to operate and maintain.

Automated washers are easy to maintain, operate, and repair. It is among the simplest and most useful household appliances to use. A majority of homeowners will be in a position to repair their home appliances themselves since it is among the most simple devices to repair. This isn’t an easy job in the era of technology-driven obsessions that we live in today, and it is difficult to learn how to operate and maintain the latest equipment.

The disadvantages of a washing machine?

Washing machines are among the most commonly used household appliances, however, they do have their own negatives. The machines speed up the process and significantly simplify the washing process. The leading manufacturers of washing machines offer a wide range of features.

A washing machine can provide many advantages, including time energy, water, and time savings. Prior to purchasing one, there are some disadvantages to consider. The three most popular types that wash machines come in will be discussed in this blog article, together with the drawbacks of each.

Drinking Water

More water is consumed when cleaning clothes with a washing machine than by hand. The water consumption of a typical washing machine cycle can vary from 30 to 50 gallons. If you live in a location that has water restrictions or you’re trying to save water and energy, you must pay special consideration to these.

Incorrect cleaning

A majority of people do not realize how badly the washing machine is at cleaning their clothes. This is due to washing the clothes with detergent and water is only a small step. It is recommended to treat stains by using a stain removal product or soaking your clothes in warm water prior to washing them in order to be truly clean.

Most Common Problems in the Washing Machine

Washers come in a variety of designs, and they all have a few common and often recurring problems. We’ve attempted to fix some of the problems listed below. Let’s take more in-depth at each one at a time.

1. Washing machine won’t start

The washing machine’s inability to start could be due to various problems. Thus, begin by checking the main switch to see if there are broken connections, malfunctioning outlets and whether it’s in great condition, and so on. If it doesn’t work, check that your front-loading washer appliance’s door locks are in good condition. Sometimes, the controller component (PCB) or the main power switch stops working. Contact a repair professional to inspect the washing machine, if you’re unfamiliar with dealing with wires that are live or high voltages.

2. The washing machine is loud

Coins and other rubbish are usually taken from the area around the drum’s heater and drum. These objects can cause harm to the machine and the clothing that is inside. They can also cause noise when they are stuck between the tub’s outer and drum. Before you put the laundry in the machine, be sure to remove all the pockets.

The washer’s bearings start to fail and become damaged with time, producing an ominous sound as it spins. A washer that has damaged bearings can cause irreparable damage. Lubrication with grease (or oil) oil lubrication, replacement of bearings or both are choices for dealing with this.

3. The Clothes Come Out Ripped

The washer is not functioning properly If your clothes or linens are coming out with holes or tears in the fabric. Another issue that’s usually caused by objects that shouldn’t be in your washer, for instance, sharp pieces made of plastic is this. Make sure that your clothes and other linens are in the right place in the washer, as it could cause a problem due to the items becoming tangled on the pole at the center.

How to Fix This Problem

1 . Tips for Safety

Whatever small repairs seem, you must remove your washer before making any repairs. Be aware that washing machines could tip over due to their heavy. The machine should not be lifted or tilted by yourself.

2 . Examine the Circuit Breaker

Is the circuit breaker on the washer shut off? Look for your electrical panel, and turn off the circuit breakers on it. Find the correct circuit breaker and switch it “OFF,” then “ON,” and then switch it back.

3 . Verify for overloading

Don’t overfill your washer. Rinse water that is clean will not be able to eliminate the debris and detergent from a machine that is overfilled for it to accomplish this task. For specific load, capacities check your washer’s owner’s manual.

What are you looking for? to fix your appliances?

Our technicians have undergone extensive training in all aspects of maintenance for appliances. We’ve worked on fixing all types of appliances, such as refrigerators dishwashers, dryers, dishwashers washing machines, etc.

  • Our prices are always reasonable and cost-effective.
  • We keep a full inventory of components that are standard.
  • Appliance Service and Repair for all major brands


Since our beginning, we’ve been providing customers throughout Discovery Gardens and other parts of Dubai with repairs to washing machines in Dubai. We are known for our professionalism, dedication, and a customer-focused attitude.

We are committed to complete customer satisfaction and that is the primary reason why we’ve been able to be recognized among the best Samsung washing machine repair businesses in Dubai. Our aim is to ensure that our customers have a reliable washing machine, no matter if the model is LG, Samsung, Haier, or any other brand which performs exactly as it should after our repair procedures. As a result, our technicians

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