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microsoft surface repair service
microsoft surface repair service

High Tech Microsoft Surface Repair Service in Dubai

Urbanclap provides a range of Microsoft Surface repair services which includes replacing the battery and repairs to damaged or cracked screen, USB connectivity issues, and charging and charging issues.

The change in the settings of the software can resolve a problem such as the Touchpad on the Surface Laptop that isn’t working. A damaged display of the Surface laptop has to be repaired as per the replacement of the hardware. Thus, prior to the time our expert leaves your premises, we will guarantee complete Surface Laptop repair with speedy diagnosis and troubleshooting.

The reasons to pick Urbanclap

  • Same Day Repair
  • Manufacturer Warranty
  • Cost-Effective
  • Genuine Spare Parts
  • Technical Support

Microsoft Surfaces can they be repaired?

Surface Laptop SE Surface Laptop SE is made to be repairable easily in contrast to earlier Microsoft products. The launch of the Surface Laptop 3 makes repairs easier than previous models.

What you need to understand

  • Microsoft has created an instructional video that demonstrates how you can fix your Surface Laptop SE. Surface Laptop SE.
  • This video received positive reviews.
  • Many who’ve been urging Microsoft to make its products more accessible to fix themselves might view the launch of this video positively because the Surface line as well as the “right to fix” initiative have gotten involved.

The screen, keyboard, and battery can be replaced following the steps from Microsoft’s Surface Laptop SE repair video.

Microsoft isn’t a total advocate of the”do-it-yourself” (DIY) approach, but. Microsoft recommends caution when performing “do yourself” repairs, and recommends that you seek professional assistance to repair your device Microsoft states this at the start of the film as well as within the section on description of the film.

It is similar to the “right to fix” movement, as well as Microsoft’s long-standing history with Surface products. Its users have been beg for the right to fix their own devices without restrictions for a long time. Microsoft’s Surface line as well as other products being

How do I fix Microsoft Surface Not Turning On

If you’re unable to even turn on your notebook, your issue could get more serious. Your work will stop and can cause issues for you. But don’t fret! After reading this article you’ll quickly be able solve the problem.

1. Make sure that your Surface Device is Heating Up

The most common operating range of surface devices is between 0 and 35 ° Celsius. Your device may cease to function when the temperature is higher than or is lower than the limit. Surface devices shut down automatically to prevent data loss due to overheating or freezing. This is why you should be cautious when using your device in extreme weather conditions.

2. Restart Your Device

The most efficient method is to start a soft restart of your Surface when it isn’t responding or awake from a sleep. You should perform a force restart in the event that the soft restart is unsuccessful. According to the specific model and configuration of the Surface gadget, it might have to force restart. Before you use the force restart that is specific to your model be sure to follow these guidelines to perform a soft restart.

Microsoft Surface Repair Screen Repair

Today, a damaged screen is the most common issue which is why you need Microsoft Surface screen repair with OEM components, performed by certified experts. We can provide Microsoft Surface screen repair in Dubai within the same day, at the preferred location. If you require a damaged Surface screen fixed in Dubai then visit the laptop repair shop in Dubai.

One of the best Microsoft Surface screen repair services in Dubai is provided by Urbanclap which is a simple service developed by a top surface solutions supplier in Dubai. Make an online inquiry and we’ll send a specialist to help you resolve any issues with your screen’s surface. Great service available at your fingertips!

Microsoft Surface Repair With MRPC

We’ll fix your tablet! We will remove the damaged screen and exchange it to a brand fresh LCD, as well as glass device. It can take anywhere from 2 to 3 weeks depending on the current stock levels. In no time you will receive your Surface back, along with all your data.

Most Surface devices will be covered by warranty since they’re just being launched. For any Surface that is covered by warranty, repair or replacement because having the device repaired by someone other than Microsoft could void the warranty of the device, you must get in touch with Microsoft support.

Microsoft Surface Battery Replacement

The tablet that can take on the role of your computer is the one that Microsoft calls the Surface. While it comes with Windows 10 and many other amazing features but the battery’s life span has attracted some critiques. A few people have noticed that their tablets run out of juice much earlier than it ought to, even though it has 9 hours of battery life. Microsoft Surface repair Pro 4 battery issues can be caused by various reasons. Most batteries on our devices eventually get worse with time. There are options that can be used replacement of the battery on the Microsoft Surface Pro 4. Read on to find the most effective solution if the battery in your Surface Pro 4 isn’t operating in the way it was supposed to.

Microsoft seems to have reportedly gotten in contact with Urbanclap and told them they were looking to improve the reparability of their products.

This latest partnership isn’t Urban Clap’s first OEM contract. The tools available for the Microsoft Surface are only available to those who use Urbanclap Pro which is the company’s wholesale program that is free for business, as well as Microsoft’s partners. Motorola along with HTC have each decided to use Urbanclap as a trusted source of parts for their OEM Smartphone parts.

A battery cover that protects batteries from puncturing in the course of repair (preventing fires) as well as the “deboning” cradle to assist cut the adhesive holding the screen (and avoid accidental over-intrusion) as well as a frame vise with a weighted base to ensure that you can properly adhere a new screen are a few of the tools available.


If you’re looking to repair the damage to your Microsoft Surface. Then you can get assistance from Urbanclap. It’s the top repair center in Dubai. Every kind of household item can be repaired at this center. We strive to offer the highest quality service for our customers.

Should you happen to have concerns concerns, please contact us via our comment box. Contact us at this number. 045864033. We will be glad to assist you.


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