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How Android development is beneficial for business?

After identifying the immense popularity of smartphones, companies are now opting for mobile applications. And, Android being the most prevalent mobile phone operating system, many businesses start their mobile journey by availing of custom Android app development services.

Android development benefits businesses in many ways. Its extensive reach to the global market enables companies to offer their services and products to world audiences. Furthermore, the app development cost is significantly lower for Android applications than iOS apps.

If you are still hesitating to opt for Android as your business app partner, here are the reasons to strengthen your trust in the platform. The blog post describes how Android development is beneficial for businesses.

Benefits of Android development for business

Everyone knows now that mobile phones are here to stay forever. Or until some new technology does not replace them, which is unlikely to happen for a century or half. So, building an Android app will be beneficial for businesses in many ways, such as:

Offers competitive edge

Mobile app users are increasing at a faster rate. And many businesses have not built a mobile app for themselves yet. This makes an incredible opportunity for you to target your audience sooner than your competitors. 

If there is a lack of applications related to your business-specific niche, you must make one and be ahead of your most competitors. Android is a widely preferred mobile app type, and therefore, it will give you an edge over your competitors. 

High Return on Investment

Android app development is significantly more cost-effective than its other counterpart – iOS app development. When you hire an Android developer, you do not have to pay overhead fees other than the developer’s service charges and a one-time Google Play charge for application distribution.

So, the cost of investment is lesser in Android development, and on the other side, it gives a higher return for businesses.

Opens new digital market

Most businesses like to have a website for digital marketing, as it is the first and crucial step. But you can get more customer exposure through mobile applications than websites.

Moreover, mobile apps can serve as your business’s opine store. You can sell your products to customers from the global market and drive more revenue with custom Android app development services.

Extensive audience reach

Android phones are widely used mobile devices in the world. And has more users in Asian countries, African countries, and some European countries. So, if you choose to hire Android developers for custom Android app development services, you can avail an opportunity to target these Android users and expand your audience reach.

Builds brand awareness

Mobile apps are an effective strategy to make your potential customers aware of your business. Here, consistency is the key. Make your Android app design consistent with your brand elements.

You should use fonts, colour schemes, and copy tone your website and your other marketing items uses. Being consistent everywhere can help your customers recognize your brand easily.

Increase customer engagement

A personalized Android application user interface and push notifications with custom messaging can engage your customers more with your business. Moreover, enhanced user experience and providing value to your clients with your business-related tips, hacks, and how-to guides can also increase customer engagement.

Improve customer loyalty

Seamless and personalized user experience caters to customer satisfaction, making them more loyal to your business. Furthermore, you can improve your customer’s loyalty by offering incentives on app downloading, referral programs, and purchasing through your Android app.

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Multiple distribution channels

Multiple distribution channels for applications make custom Android app development services more appealing to businesses. Google allows you to distribute your Android application through various app marketplaces. What is more, you can create your own distribution channel by listing your application on your website.  

Provide customer service

A mobile app can be a helping platform for your customers to solve their queries and concerns on the go. They do not have to call your customer care executive for this. An incorporated chat interface can be enough to help your customers with their queries.

Business 24x7x365

And last but not least, you can always run your business online. Your business can be available to your customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 

While physical stores cannot allow you to keep your business open, a mobile app working as your online store enables your customers to do business with you at any time they prefer.

After analyzing all the benefits, you as a business owner should be 100% sure to choose the Android platform for your mobile app. Being the most prevalent OS, you will not have any hassle finding a developer for a custom Android app development service for your business app. 

You can always hire a developer from extensively available freelancing platforms or mobile app development companies.

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