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Boom Barrier

How Boom Barrier Integration Enhances Apartment Security

Automated boom barriers are an ideal security solution for apartment complexes, schools, and colleges. Offering quick access control to the main gate with minimal human interference reduces wastage of time and effort.

When it comes to security, boom barriers are one of the most trustable tools in a housing complex. Apart from having a well-integrated visitor management system in place that ensures round-the-clock security, one of the most in-demand security tools for societies is a boom barrier gate.

What is a Boom barrier?

Security checks at residential complexes become a breeze with the use of boom barriers. It ensures that no vehicle or person passes through it if it is not properly checked by a guard. The barriers are operated by a remote control device inside the security post and immediately rise when a person approaches to pass through, preventing unwanted access to restricted zones.  Housing societies can choose to install automatic boom barriers integrated with Radio-frequency Identification (RFID) to achieve better and more efficient vehicle management at exit and entry points.

The growing popularity of boom barriers

Automatic boom barriers are easy to operate, which makes them an ideal solution for streamlining traffic flow. They are more effective than the manual boom barriers, as they enhance parking management and monitoring of overall footfalls. This is because of their portability and high-end technology.

Benefits Of Boom Barrier

Having an automated boom barrier system with RFID vehicle tags ensured that only those with permits can access through the gate. This means that if a vehicle attempts to enter the society gates without having an RFID tag, it won’t be granted access, at least, not until that visitor has prior approval from a resident.

Automatic boom barriers are automated access control systems that provide total gate automation, which helps to differentiate a resident vehicle from a visitor’s vehicle. This gate automation improves security and keeps unwarranted entries at bay.

A touch-free boom barrier gate system is a practical way for a housing society to ensure that its residents are protected from the spread of pandemics.

Automatic boom barriers are the most efficient and secure way to enter your housing society. These barriers are controlled digitally and promote a high level of security.

Also, automatic boom barriers are operated through remote control, push-button, or biometric sensors that act as an additional layer of security in case you don’t have any access cards for the day.

Boom barriers are one of the most effective and futuristic approaches to a safe society. The boom barrier is typically installed as a way to solve the purpose of barricading unwanted vehicles from entering a gated community premise.

This innovative product can be used for commercial and residential purposes, it comes with all necessary pieces needed for installation and operation, with an optional key or remote control feature.

An automatic boom barrier is used merely to restrict the entry of any unauthorized personnel while enforcing an access control system. It assures one token one-person policy is followed 24×7.

When these barriers are used with a lockable sliding gate, they offer a higher level of security. For example, it is easier to keep a check on each and every person or vehicle entering.

These are not meant to be used as a pedestrian passage so you should know that these are horizontal bars that are positioned on a pivot that can move up or down.

The automatic boom barriers are becoming a rage in the market. These barriers are the best option for entry control of the sites that come under high traffic and low security. This technology can also be integrated with other systems like visitor management, ANPR, Home CCTV, and more. They have saved you from the embarrassment of crowding at the entrance of your business premises.

The automatic boom barrier is the best option for entry control of sites that come under high traffic and low security. These barriers are not meant to be used as a pedestrian passage so you should know that these are horizontal bars that are positioned on a pivot that can move up or down.


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