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How do you bind carbonless paper?

Have you ever had to print out multiple copies of something in your business? You probably used carbonless paper, which uses perforated sheets that can be separated along the lines and then filled out by hand. Carbonless paper can be fun to work with, but sometimes you may not know how to bind carbonless paper together so that it stays organized in the right order. Luckily, this article will teach you everything you need to know about carbonless binding paper together easily and affordably!

Binding Carbonless Paper

Binding Carbonless Copy Paper and NCR Paper. Many business owners need to have multiple printed copies of documents on hand for quick reference. Instead of binding each document together or creating a pamphlet or booklet.

We can bind carbonless copy paper with an automatic commercial binder machine to produce manuals and other multi-page documents that are easy to access, refer back to and keep organized! Binding carbonless paper is a simple process allowing you to quickly create high-quality manuals, guides, and other multi-page documents.

Inserting Carbonless Forms into Folders

Carbonless copy paper, also known as NCR (no carbon required) or non-developing (no developer needed), is used in areas where copies are necessary and removing a carbon form is required. Carbonless forms are used when multiple copies are made of an invoice, sales receipt, or another business form.

Carbon forms get their name from a chemical development process that creates visible images on the copied documents. When making multiple copies, only one original needs to be developed, and then all duplicates can be printed. These papers can either be folded into envelopes for mailing or inserted into folders for storage and filing.

Preventing Loose Pages

Carbonless copy is also called NCR paper. NCR stands for no carbon required because these forms don’t require a second sheet of carbons to be used in conjunction with them. Carbonless forms are available from a number of sources, but we carry ours at Full Service Direct!

Here are some tips for binding your NCR or carbonless sheets to prevent your pages from becoming loose: Tape it down on one side: Grab some plain old masking tape and a length of string or ribbon. Stick one end of your string or ribbon onto your stack of papers, then tap down each page along that edge until all sides have been bound together.

Binding Carbonless Paper with Staples

Carbonless paper (NCR for short) is one of many forms that can be made from copier or laser printer output. It’s used to print duplicate originals, receipts, order forms, and documents that need to be signed and then duplicated without damaging the original.

Because NCR forms are printed on both sides, keeping them in good condition is essential by binding them into a booklet. Here’s how to do it with a few everyday supplies you probably have lying around your desk.

Getting Files Ready for Scanning

Once you’ve selected and ordered your documents, printed them out, and bound them with a ring or spiral binding machine, they’re ready to be scanned. You can send these files to whoever needs them (whether it’s your accountant or a potential employer).

Next time, we’ll cover printing on both sides of NCR paper so that you can save money while saving trees. Or print on regular old printer paper; more often than not, it works fine if you want to take things one step further and ensure that your final product is a high-quality color print.

Choosing the Right Printer

Before buying any printer, decide what your needs are for a printer. Do you want a fax machine to go along with it? Is printing pictures important? Will you be printing in color or just in black and white? Are your print jobs typically very small and simple, or will they require larger pages that must be folded and stapled together before being delivered?

Depending on your needs, consider laser printers (good for high-volume printing), inkjet printers (which are good for color photos), or an all-in-one machine that has fax capability. You can also purchase multi-function machines that can scan and print documents.

Other Ways to Use Carbonless Paper

Carbonless forms, also known as NCR (no carbon required) or 3 part forms, make taking orders easy. But their uses go beyond serving customers at restaurants and retail stores. For example, you can use them to survey your employees or hold online surveys with your customers. 

Here are a few ideas on how to use carbonless paper in your business 

  • Survey Customers 
  • Take Orders 
  • Track Office Workflow 
  • Surveys 
  • Generate Forms 
  • Collect Data 
  • Customer Service 


There are a few ways to bind carbonless copy paper. One is through stapling, and another way is through-hole punching with a hole puncher. Carbonless copy paper can also be stacked together with a small piece of cardboard or plastic in between them for binding. Carbonless copies can be bound using either option, but whichever you choose will depend on how many sheets of copy paper need to be bound at once. If you’re making less than 100 copies, then it would be best to use one of these methods instead of ordering professional spiral binding or comb binding services.

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