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HDFC Personal Loan Status

How to Check HDFC Personal Loan Status?

Some ways can help you in tracking the HDFC personal loan application status. We all are concerned about loan disbursement at some point. So it is important to keep a record of our personal loan status. Banks offer several different ways to track the loan application status. Also, banks have a customer service department if a customer has any doubts or queries regarding the application.

When you apply for the personal loan, after the processing you will get a reference number. This will help you in tracking your loan status. Remember to save it on your phone as you will receive it via SMS from the HDFC bank. Below are some of the ways you can track your HDFC Personal Loan Status.

  • Through your HDFC Bank Account Number
  • With your registered mobile number with the bank
  • Through the reference or the proposal number that the bank will provide
  • Via offline mode
  • Through the HDFC mobile application 

Ways to monitor your HDFC personal loan application

Let’s have a look at some of the ways from which you can track your HDFC Personal Loan Status. There are 5 ways to monitor the loan application so that you can track your application with ease.

Through your HDFC bank account number

If you are already an existing customer, you can visit the HDFC bank website and sign up for the website by filling in the details. And can check the status. There are a few steps included in accessing the website which is as follows. 

  • Visit the bank’s website and click on the link mentioned
  • Fill in your details and log into the website
  • After logging in search for the menu bar which will guide you through the loan section
  • Track Loan Application through the HDFC website

However, if you are not a pre-existing customer, you can sign in to the E-LOANS HDFC Net banking portal. After visiting the website, there will be an option for registered users. You can fill out your personal details and can log in to the website. The website will provide you with a new username and password. Remember to save them. For further processing, you have to follow simple steps as mentioned earlier, similar to the preexisting customer.

Through your registered mobile number with the bank

The bank has its mobile app to provide additional services to the customer. You can download it on your phone from the app store or play store. The app guides you through the processing and clears your queries regarding the bank’s policy and guidelines. You can check your account balance, credit card balance, and more. You can also check offers and other updates of HDFC bank on their app.

Through offline mode

Besides the online mode, HDFC bank also provides their customers with offline mode services. You can visit your nearby HDFC bank branch. Remember to keep your reference number along with you because you will be required to provide them when checking your loan application status.

You can also contact their customer service department for tracking your personal loan application status. While speaking to one of their staff, keep your reference number with you. You can use their toll-free number 1800 258 3838 to reach out to customer service.

Through the HDFC mobile application 

The HDFC bank provides you with a feasible way to check your loan application status. When applying for a loan, you can provide them with the mobile number of the bank. To get regular updates and status about your loan application on your phone, download the HDFC mobile application. You have to link your contact number with the app to monitor the loan status of personal loans. However, if you haven’t linked your number, here are the steps that will guide you to link your number. 

  • Visit the official site of HDFC bank
  • The loan section will appear under the menu
  • After clicking on a personal loan, you will find all the details 
  • You will find a floating menu at the bottom. Click on track personal loan.
  • This page will redirect you to the page where it will request your mobile no.

These days, technology has helped us in saving our time to a certain extent. The online loan application is very convenient and saves our time from serpentine cues. The HDFC bank provides you with various ways to apply and track your loan application. You can either opt for an offline service or online service, as per your convenience. We hope that from the aforementioned information you can easily track your personal loan application status. However, if you still find it difficult to check your loan status, the customer service department is always there to mitigate the problem. You can either visit the nearest branch of HDFC bank or you can simply communicate over the phone.

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