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Menstrual Pads

How To Choose The Right Menstrual Pads For You?

Menstrual pads are essential to living life to the fullest while menstruating. Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to find the right one since there are so many types available in the market today. Menstrual pads come in different sizes, shapes, materials, absorbencies, etc. Even reusable menstrual pads don’t need to be thrown away after every use! How To Choose The Right Menstrual Pad For You will help you narrow down your options and choose the best type of pad for your needs.

What’s inside the pad?

One of your first questions should be, What is inside my pad?—because it will play a big role in your choice. Some pads are super thin and meant to feel like nothing, while others are noticeably thicker. Not sure how much protection you need? Start with a light pad for everyday use. And for heavy days, try an ultra-thick pad that offers maximum protection without feeling bulky or stiff. 

What’s outside the pad?

You might be surprised if you’ve ever seen a modern sanitary pad. They look more like waterproof bathroom tiles than a small rectangle of cloth. Some sanitary pads are colorful; some are textured and even scented. The materials they’re made from a run all over the place, too; some are thick and cottony while others are thin and translucent.

It’s tempting to want to choose your favorite color or pattern—but when it comes to selecting sanitary pads, you should choose function over form every time.

If you’re new to wearing pads regularly (and aren’t sure how heavy your flow will be), it’s best to start with an unprinted pad until you get a sense of how much fluid is going where during your period.

Things to consider before buying pads

One essential thing to consider when choosing your pads is what level of protection you need. Another consideration will be whether or not you want a pad with wings. Pads with wings can help provide an extra layer of security and comfort by preventing menstrual fluid from escaping underneath your pad if you experience a bit of leakage.

Finally, some women might like to consider organic pads made with organic cotton. Organic pads can minimize exposure to chemical irritants and synthetic materials that might otherwise cause discomfort while still providing a reliable level of protection during your period.

It’s important to note that organic pads may cost more than regular pads, but they are also gentler on your body. How do I know what size my pad should be?

Things to consider before buying reusable pads

Let’s talk about reusable menstrual pads for a second. Here are a few points you should consider before taking the leap and making your pad stash: 

  1. How often will you wear them? 
  2. What’s your budget like? 
  3. Are you sensitive to many fabrics or something specific (like latex or synthetic materials)? 
  4. What kind of shape/fit do you prefer for your period protection? 

That last one’s especially important because there are different styles of period pads, including shorter ones that sit low in your underwear.

There are also some reusable menstrual pads with wings, similar to disposable products—these help keep blood from leaking out onto your clothes. If you’re looking for options beyond cloth pads, check out our guide on eco-friendly feminine hygiene products.

How do you know what pad is right for you?

What’s a menstrual pad, anyway? Unlike other sanitary products, such as panty liners and tampons, menstrual pads don’t exactly come with labels that explain what they are. Well, tampons and pads are both pretty similar—they’re both devices for absorbing your menstrual flow—but there are some key differences between them.

Pads are usually less expensive than tampons because they can be reused multiple times before being thrown away; however, most women prefer to use tampons instead because they’re easier to insert and remove (no leaks!).

But one major difference might make you choose one over another: absorbency. Pads and tampons come in different absorbencies, so it’s best to know your body before choosing a specific product.

What size period pads do I need?

Today, there are more period pad options than ever before. With so many choices, it’s hard to know which one will be right for you. We’ve put together a simple guide that can help you find the best menstrual pads and tampons.

The first thing to keep in mind is how heavy your flow is. If you need a super absorbent product, look for period pads with high SAP (super absorbency polymer) content and extra thick padding—like our Overnight Protection Ultra model.

What pads should I get for my first period?

If you’re new to using menstrual pads, getting your first period can be scary and intimidating. But don’t worry! Learning how to use a pad is not rocket science. As long as you know how to choose the right pad for your needs, it should be relatively straightforward.

On top of that, learning how to use a menstrual pad will only take a few minutes before you’re comfortable changing them in public bathrooms or discreetly at work.


Choosing a menstrual pad can be confusing with so many options on the market. There are different sizes, styles, and absorbencies. Once you have narrowed down your needs, it’s time to look at the material, color, and shape before deciding. An incorrectly sized or shaped pad can cause chafing or discomfort, which will make your day a lot more unpleasant. It might even keep you from going about your daily activities all together! When in doubt about what type of pad is right for you, speak with your doctor or contact a medical professional who can recommend a suitable option for your body and lifestyle.

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