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get rid of face fat
get rid of face fat

How to get rid of face fat

When we age, we often start eating abruptly. It causes an increase in fat consumption in our body parts like the stomach, thighs, arms, etc. A situation arises in everyone’s life when they wish to lose some fat from their body parts. Many people wish to lose some fat from their cheeks, neck, and chin to have some slight change in their appearance. Similarly, you can get rid of face fat as soon as you want. There are plenty of strategies and exercises that you can perform each day to lose your body fat. Although there are many slimming straps and devices available in the market, people often wish to lose fat which helps them to have long-term changes. If you or anyone you know is going through adverse body changes, you can connect with the experts of Sunshine Hospital Gachibowli.

Tips to help you with face fat reduction

  • Do facial exercises

Facial exercise will help you improve your facial appearance, fight to age and have some facial strength. Adding facial exercise to your routine may help you tone your muscles, make your face look slimmer and healthier. Certain exercises may help you increase puffiness in your cheeks. You can look for certain facial exercises like holding a smile while clenching teeth for several seconds. These facial exercises will help you build your muscles and tone up your face. Also, if you perform a facial exercise at least twice a day for 8 weeks, it can increase your muscle thickness and rejuvenate your facial muscles. We advise you facial exercise but before looking for it try to understand its benefits and side effects especially if you perform these exercises your way.

  • Go for Cardio exercises

If you wish to lose bodyweight, you can somehow slim down your face fat. Cardio and aerobic exercise is one of the typical parts of the activity that help you increase your heart rate. It helps you lose body weight effectively. Cardio exercise can help you promote fat burn and increase fat loss. It is also proven in science that people with obesity can effectively reduce fat through cardio. You can go for at least 150-300 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise each week. Try adding at least 20 minutes of cardio to your routine of exercise. Some examples of cardio exercises include dancing, running, biking, walking, and swimming.

  • Hydrate yourself at least every hour

It is one of the natural ways to get rid of face fat. Your health and body must maintain hydration. Water is a known substance that can help you feel full and enhance weight loss. Also, drinking water before meals decreases the significant amount of calories during the meal. Drinking water can temporarily increase your metabolism.

  • Look at the consumption of alcohol

Everyone likes to enjoy a small glass of alcohol after having a meal. But taking too much of it often becomes an issue with your body fat. It can cause bloating and increase the number of calories while lacking important nutrients such as vitamins and minerals leading to dehydration. Excessive alcohol increases the amount of urine and leads to water retention. Alcohol influences the level of hormones and affects hunger and appetite. Alcohol reduces the level of leptin, a kind of hormone that gives you the feeling of a full stomach. Despite this, heavy drinking leads to inflammation and is associated with weight gain, increased belly fat, and obesity. If you want to lose body fat, especially face fat, you should consider the amount of alcohol you are consuming each day.

  • Have a healthy sleep of at least 8 hours

If you are working on your strategy to lose weight, you should try to catch enough sleep during the night. Lack of enough sleep increases the level of a stress hormone called cortisol. As a result, it leads to potential side effects including weight gain, and alteration or change in metabolism. The combination of exercise with better or healthy sleep is good for a healthy life, metabolism rate, and high productivity during the next day. Conversely, sleep deprivation leads to excessive food intake, a decrease in metabolism, and excessive weight gain. Ideally, you should go for at least 8 hours of sleep to manage your body weight, especially from your face, cheeks, or under-eye area.

  • Watch your sodium intake

  • Sodium is known to increase fatness in the body. The main source of sodium is table salt, which is often excessively added to fast food. This is the reason health experts often suggest avoiding the consumption of fast food.
  • You can consume sodium passively in the form of sauce, or premade foods. Excessive sodium intake can cause bloating and lead to facial puffiness or even swelling.
  • Therefore, if you wish to lose body or facial fat, you should cut down your sodium intake in the form of salt.
  • Sodium often causes your body to hold extra water. This is known as fluid retention., which further increases when you have excessive salt intake.
  • Processed foods contain at least 75% of sodium that comes from spices. They are convenient to eat, savory snacks but are effective with sodium. You can reduce your intake of processed food and try working on slimming your face fat.


You can try working on the following points:

  • Eat balanced diet
  • Cut down the consumption of fast or processed food
  • Drink more water
  • Cut down the alcohol consumption
  • Quit smoking for a healthy life
  • Manage stress level
  • Manage your sleep and get plenty of it

If you are working on your body fat, you can still get rid of face fat. Fat loss exercises target the effective areas like the stomach, cheeks, and muscles of the arms and thighs. Fat cells have their stores throughout the body. Instead of focusing on weight loss from one body part, you can focus on weight loss from your whole body. You can still work on your strategies and have effective weight loss by combining certain effective exercises in your routine.

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