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How to Identify a Fake Matrimony Profile on Matrimonial Sites

Today, the internet provides easy access to thousands of marriage sites to find the love of our life. Finding a life partner today is tough, and many genuine users hesitate to join the marriage sites because of the fraudsters. Although matrimonial sites are hеlріng people fіnd thеіr ѕuіtаblе matches without hassle, they are being еxрlоіtеd by thе fake рrоfіlеѕ. Today, fraudsters are everywhere to generate money. This article gives you five effective ways to identify a fake matrimony profile or fraudsters on matrimonial sites.

  1. Look at the Profile Pictures on Matrimonial Site

The picture plays a significant role on matchmaker websites. A picture speaks a thousand words, creating the first impression on matrimonial sites. So when you receive interest or get a proposal on the matchmaker site, consider checking all their images before accepting the proposal. If you see the person have no picture or uploaded an old photo, it indicates that they have opened their profile for time pass only. Or, most probably, the user is fake. They have created the matrimonial profile for fun.

The next thing you need to check is to match the person’s image according to their age on the marriage site. Also, don’t show interest in a profile with heavily edited pictures. Stay away from the profiles that are highly professional or high-level model material. In most cases, these photos are stolen from social media profiles. Fraudsters who do not show their faces on online matrimony sites hesitate to come on video chat. So, if you find such profiles on the matchmaker site, don’t approach them. Also, you can google their images to check if it already belongs to another person.

  1. Misleading Profile Description

When it comes to creating an impressive matrimony profile, they require to fill out the basic details like age, educational qualification, profession, family background, etc. But fake profiles on the matrimonial sites show off more than usual. Often, you will find their profile description misleading on the matchmaker website. Fraudsters boast about themselves to grab the attention of their prospective matches. You will see that they mentioned that they have come from a wealthy family, have 3-4 houses, huge bank balances, etc. So, if you find inconsistency in such details, avoid such prospective profiles.

Experts have said that the fraudsters tend to edit their information now and then to allure prospective brides and grooms on the marriage bureau. If a user keeps changing their status like job, date of birth, etc., on the marriage bureau, stay away from them. A genuine user rarely changes his professional details only, not his caste, date of birth, religion, etc. Make sure you go through the profile description carefully before contacting anyone.

  1. No Activities on Social Media

Fraudsters don’t like to be active on social media. So, when you chat or talk to any prospective profile, consider checking their social media profiles and activities to verify their identity on the matchmaker site. If you don’t find any social account link on their matrimony profile, ask them for it or try searching with their full name. Nowadays, everyone uses Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Social accounts represent a user’s personality, choices, friends, and regular activities. No social presence means the profile is not genuine. So, beware of accounts with no social action, as fraudsters can be.

Additionally, do a cross-verification before talking to a user on the marriage bureau. Today, maximum candidates having a job will have Linkedin profiles too. So, verify their profiles by contacting their connections and finding people from their workplace and university. Talking to their friends may also give you an idea about the person. These are the best verification processes to ensure whether the person is genuine or not.

  1. Fake Users Ask for Money on Matrimonial Website

Fake users express their love too quickly, pressurize to meet in a private place, and ask for money. Fraudsters respond soon to your interests but delay when you enquire about them on the matchmaker site. While chatting, if you observe that they are going too fast, using lovey-dovey words from the very first day, asking you for contact numbers, or meeting you, please stop interacting with them at once. Fraudsters usually insist you meet at some private or lonely place. It is always safe to meet someone at some public site.

Once you talk to a prospect, observe the user’s reaction. If they insist you tell about your salary, bank balances, or anything financial, they are fraudsters. Be very cautious sharing your details on the matchmaker site. Fraudsters can trap you, asking you for money, saying some reasons such as health problems or financial loss. Don’t transfer cash or other financial help to prospective brides unless you get very familiar with them on the marriage bureau. Original matrimonial profiles move steadily and share the same concerns as you.

  1. Fraudsters Don’t Involve Their Family on Matrimonial Sites

In our culture, if it is an arranged marriage, it is performed by the guardians’ consent. Family members are vital when we are making a life-long relationship with someone. Fake users don’t involve their family members or share their contact numbers on the marriage sites. When you ask them, they may probably say that they deal with all the marriage procedures themselves. They may also tell you that they give little importance to thеіr раrеntѕ. If someone says these, please don’t get into their sweet words.

Marriage is a social bond, and the guardians must recognize it. So, if the bride or groom is trying to hide their parents, it is highly suspicious. When you inquire about their parents or family members, they lie to you, saying they have passed away. But the truth of the matter is that their parents would naturally involve themselves in a genuine case. Often, we see the headlines that ‘bride duped of money by her ‘ideal soulmate’ or ‘man gets the shock of life after accidentally finding that his ‘would be bride’ is already married.’

When it comes to the most significant decision of your life, take your time. Your marriage is not a business deal that you need to close in a hurry. Keep your eyes open, and report if you find any fake users on the matrimonial sites. When реорlе соmрlаіn, thеу will be rеmоvеd immediately by the admin. Before joining any marriage site or purchasing a membership, verify the matchmaker site’s authenticity and check their customer reviews.

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