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How to negotiate a job offer

How to Negotiate a Job Offer: The Do’s and Don’ts

While reviewing for a job the recruiter will ask you about the remuneration you expect from your job. Some people get overconfident and demand more than they should which may upset the hiring manager and you to lose your job. Let’s cover how to negotiate a job offer.

On the other hand, some people get too shy to ask for the salary they expect and end up in an underpaid job.

Negotiating a job offer can be a daunting task, but it is an essential part of the job-seeking process. A successful negotiation can lead to a higher salary, better benefits, and more job satisfaction. On the other hand, a failed negotiation can result in disappointment and frustration. Therefore, it is crucial to be well-prepared and approach the negotiation with confidence.

To tackle such situations in your career, take a look at this article and know how to negotiate a job offer.


  • Always be prepared
  • Be practical
  • Be optimistic
  • Be thankful
  • Know you worth
  • Take records
  • Increase effectiveness
  • Don’t mention salary first
  • Don’t settle on the initial offer
  • Don’t be over-polite
  • Don’t be headstrong
  • Don’t be in a hurry
  • Don’t exaggerate your current salary
  • Don’t ignore other facilities


Be prepared

Before going for a job interview you should do full research on the company’s status. Compare the salary of employees who are working on similar fields you will be working on.

Get the full information about salary packages from low to high based on the experience and skills and educational background of employees with similar kinds of jobs.

Know your worth and be prepared to negotiate in the proper way during a job offer.

One of the most important things to remember is to be practical. While it is essential to have high expectations, it is also crucial to be realistic. Do not demand more than what you are worth, and do not accept less than what you deserve. The key is to strike a balance between your expectations and the employer’s needs.

Be practical

Set your expectations based on the practicality of your job. Don’t be overconfident. Give sensible reasons to your employer so that he will be more inclined to work with you.

Ask for a figure which is neither too high nor too low. Take authority over what the manager asks for. But do not overburden yourself.

Another important factor is to be optimistic. Believe in your abilities and present your strengths confidently. Show the employer that you are the best candidate for the job and that they will benefit from having you on their team. Remember, confidence is key when negotiating a job offer.

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Be optimistic

Being optimistic while approaching and having confidence is the key to negotiating in a job offer.  Present strong points about yourself. Do not be afraid to show your strengths, abilities, and acquisitions to your employer.

Show them that you are the perfect contender for this job. Always be positive about your abilities and do not lose confidence.

Be thankful

Build a positive impression on the hiring manager and thank him for considering you for this job. Try to establish a relationship with him in a respectful manner.

Show them that you are friendly and not tough to work with. Do not negotiate right away after getting their offer. Wait for some days then renegotiate with them. This will show that you are serious about taking this job and reconsidering it.

This will show that you are confident enough to take responsibility for your words and you are worthy of this job.

In addition, it is essential to show gratitude and build a positive relationship with the employer. Thank them for considering you for the job and establishing a respectful and friendly relationship. This will help you in the negotiation process, and may even lead to more opportunities in the future.

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Know your worth

First, recognize your worth then apply for a job. Do not compromise your comfort and satisfaction to get a job.  Know your expenses and needs and set a budget for them. Then negotiate the job offer accordingly.

It is also important to know your worth and take records of the negotiation process. Keep track of what the employer is offering, and take notes during the negotiation. This will help you remember all the important points and make informed decisions.

Take records

While negotiating, take notes of what they are offering to you. This will help you remember all points and renegotiate with them.

It will be easy for you to make offers without any confusion.

While negotiating, it is crucial to be effective and make a good impression. Follow up with a thank you note to show your appreciation and remind the employer of the pleasantness of the meeting. This will help leave a lasting positive impression on the employer.

Increase effectiveness

After the meeting you can send a thank you note to the HR or hiring manager to remind them about the pleasantness of the meeting in a polite manner.

This will leave a positive influence on them and they may consider negotiating with you.


Don’t mention salary first

Time plays an important role in making any decision in life. Do not bring up salary first. Because whoever first mentions, compromises in the end of the negotiation.

Let them put this topic first so it will show your integrity as a person and honesty as an employee who wants to work for progress rather than just for the salary.

On the other hand, there are several things you should avoid when negotiating a job offer. For example, do not mention salary first. Let the employer bring up the topic first, and then negotiate from there. Also, do not settle on the initial offer, and do not be too headstrong or overly apologetic.

Don’t settle on the initial offer

Some companies put their offer first, which is the minimum range for that position. But don’t be worried. If you have done your research properly then you know exactly what you expect from this job.

So hammer out your offer in a dignified manner and settle on common grounds.

Don’t be over-polite

Don’t apologize every time you make any minor mistake during the conversation. This will show you as fearful, under-confident, and nervous.

This type of behavior will make a bad impression and you may lose the job. So always be confident and accountable for your words without being overly apologetic.

Don’t be headstrong

Don’t be too headstrong while negotiating a job. Remember, you are in a conversation not in a competition. So always be respectful of the offer they are offering you.

Don’t let the company decide your worth. Put your words wisely and if it doesn’t work out as you expected, see the worth of the position you applied for.

As it is said money is not above self-respect.

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Don’t be in a hurry

Don’t start talking as soon as the employer offers you the amount of salary. Take a deep breath and wait for a while. 

This will give them time to rethink and proceed with the negotiation. Then you put your offer on the table and let them consider it again.

Don’t exaggerate your current salary

When your employer asks you about your current salary, do not exaggerate to make you look more valuable.  This may backfire on you, because your employer may have got the correct information about your salary.

This will put a wrong impression on you and make you look like a dishonest person. So avoid lying. 

Don’t ignore other facilities

After negotiating the job offer do not forget to ask for other facilities a company offers usually. Do not hesitate to ask for paid leave, travel allocation, and health insurance. These are worth asking for.


In conclusion, negotiating a job offer is an essential part of the job-seeking process. By following these tips, you can approach the negotiation with confidence and increase your chances of success. Remember to be practical, optimistic, and grateful, and know your worth. With these strategies, you can negotiate a job offer that meets your needs and provides you with job satisfaction.

These are some useful tips that will help you negotiate a job offer without being failed and you could get the salary you intended for yourself. be firm and confident and know your worth.

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