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How To Protect Your Braces While Playing Sports?

Everybody knows how important it is to protect your teeth when playing sports, but many people forget about their braces and dental retainers. We’re all used to protecting our teeth with mouthguards when we play contact sports, but did you know that you also need one to protect your braces? By failing to protect your brackets, you risk damaging the wires and brackets on your teeth, which could lead to serious problems down the road! In order to learn how to protect your braces while playing sports, read this guide from The Dentist Office.


Why You Should Wear A Sports Mouthguards For Braces?


Although you might think your braces won’t be affected, it is actually very easy for your braces to be damaged by sudden impacts. The best way to protect them from damage during sports is to wear a mouthguard that has been designed specifically for braces. It acts as a protective layer between your teeth and other players or items in play so that they are not exposed to anything they shouldn’t be. This can help reduce any damage caused by your activities. Not only can wearing a mouthguard keep you safer, but it will also ensure that you have better breathing and talking capabilities while you play because of its ability to stay secure in place even when you are playing at full speed.


What Are Sports Mouthguards For Braces?


If you’re playing sports and wearing braces, it’s important to keep in mind that dental injuries are one of the leading causes of orthodontic treatment failure. That’s why it’s so crucial to wear a mouthguard when participating in any activity that puts your teeth at risk for injury. Not only will it protect your teeth from getting knocked out or chipped during a game, but it can also help prevent neck and jaw pain and headaches due to TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorder). Even more, some mouthguards have elastic straps that hold them in place.


How To Choose The Best Orthodontic Sports Mouthguards For Braces?


When choosing an orthodontic sports mouthguard for braces, it is important to know what to look for in a mouthguard that is built for braces. It can be tempting to just grab any sports mouthguard off of your local store’s shelf and shove it into your mouth. However, when you wear braces, you want a mouth guard that will protect your teeth while still allowing you to breathe and talk properly.


Using A Boil And Bite Mouthguard With Braces


If you’re playing sports with braces, chances are good that you want to make sure your teeth don’t suffer any damage. So it’s a good idea to wear a mouthguard. But if you think a custom-fitted mouthguard is beyond your means, there’s an alternative: buy a boil and bite mouthguard. A boil and bite mouthguard can be purchased for under $10 at most drugstores. Boil-and-bite guards are easy to use—just place them in hot water for about 5 minutes, take them out, form them around your teeth using cold water, then let them sit overnight so they can harden completely.


Using Custom-Fitted Mouthguards With Braces


The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends athletes who wear braces protect their teeth with a custom-fitted mouthguard. A poorly fitted mouthguard, such as those you buy in a drugstore, can be uncomfortable and actually increase your risk of dental injury by shifting around in your mouth while you’re playing sports. When it comes to braces, comfort is key. If a mouthguard isn’t comfortable to wear over long periods of time, then it’s not worth using. Custom-fitted mouthguards should cover most or all of your upper teeth and lower teeth when you close your lips together tightly over them. They should also fit snugly to minimize sliding around during play.


What Is A Bottom Mouthguard?


A lower mouthguard is worn by people who have braces on their teeth. It fits around your brace and protects your teeth from getting damaged during sports activities. A bottom guard is easy to wear, but finding one that will work with your unique situation can be difficult. Here are some tips for picking out a good guard.


How Much Does A Braces Mouthguard Cost?


A mouthguard is an inexpensive way to protect your braces. A good guard will keep your teeth from shifting while you play sports, and they may even provide additional protection against concussions or other damage if you fall on your face. For most people, a standard over-the-counter plastic guard fits well and costs less than $30. Don’t be surprised if it takes multiple trips to find one that fits—it took me three tries! Make sure you get fitted for a guards at your dentist’s office; their employees should have training in fitting patients. (And save yourself some time—ask to be fitted when you go in for regular checkups.) Ask them about removing stains from braces mouthguard too, as they are known to stain quickly.

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