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How to reach 1000 followers through Instagram (A guide for brands)

How to reach 1000 followers through Instagram (A guide for brands)

What’s the significance behind the number?

Let me dispel the myth that 1000 followers click here are simply an amount. It’s not significant. I think that brands and social media professionals started using it to signify an impressive fan base.

Ten followers will not significantly impact your social media marketing at all. However, if you have a thousand followers, it’s different.

And, of course, the song has an emotional appeal.

If you aim to reach 1,000 followers, you’re making the first step in growing your business with real followers who are eager to learn more about your company and the services you offer.

What happens after you’ve made it there:

You’ve gained credibility

It’s not just about the number of fans. With 1,000 followers, anyone visiting your profile at first glance will consider you a serious contender.

If you have only fifty followers in six months of being on Instagram, People might conclude that you’re not spending much time there. Perhaps your company isn’t trustworthy enough.

As you gain followers, the more you have, the easier to convince the new followers to be interested in following you.

You are part of a community.

Another reason to increase the number of people who follow you is that you are building a loyal following who are devoted to your business. Achieving 1,000 people on Instagram is the beginning point to the next milestone, which will allow you to grow your following even further.

Your brand enjoys serious engagement on Instagram.

To generate a significant ROI, you must also have an active audience. This is a natural part of more people.

This is also the primary reason you shouldn’t purchase fake followers. They won’t be engaged with your company’s image. It is essential to invest the appropriate amount of time with your followers in the order you will eventually increase your engagement and increase the number of followers. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Strategies to Gain 1000 Followers on Instagram

#1. Cross-promote Your Account to other channels

It is not widely known that your company is visible on Instagram.

An effective way to increase the number of your Instagram fans is to advertise your brand new profile on every channel you have.

Connect your Twitter and Facebook users to follow the Instagram page by sharing posts relevant to your audience. Include your brand new Instagram profile in your newsletter, and mention the shape on your site.

It allows your current customers and followers on other channels to discover your profile on Instagram and keep up-to-date with the latest content.

Your current customers and followers have greater chances of becoming Instagram followers more quickly than those who haven’t heard of your brand name yet.

#2. Collaborate with Influencers to Expand Your Reach

Collaborations can be a huge aid when you’re just beginning with Instagram. Are you interested in working with influencers that are relevant to your business?

Find out the kinds of influence that can aid in growing your following. Learn more about these influencers. What are they that make these brands relevant to your business? What can you do to collaborate?

It is not necessary to collaborate with famous people to increase your following. Micro-influencers who have 5000 followers be more engaged and are a perfect match for your brand.

Find a compelling reason to collaborate on content and help the people who follow you find your brand.

#3. Use relevant hashtags

Instagram hashtags within the Instagram app.

Instagram hashtags will help you discover new content and new followers.

Make a list of hashtags that pertain to your business. Begin with the obvious ones and then broaden your options.

Search on Instagram to find hashtags that are suggested. Check their popularity. Begin with the most well-known ones, but ensure you include other options with growing potential.

It’s simpler to stand out using the hashtag #skincareproducts, which has 5.2m posts, than the hashtag #skincare, which has 73.2m posts.

#4. Make Your Feet Look Better

Brand aesthetics are used to draw more Instagram users. Instagram.


What would you like people to first see in your profile when the first time they see it? First impressions are important. It’s not only concerned with the high quality and quality of your posts. Instagram also focuses on aesthetic impact.

Numerous brands are creating distinctive designs for their feeds to enhance their branding.

You can, for instance, create a larger image by using six posts to ensure that your grid is regular.

You can also change the colors of your branding every couple of posts to make the scrolling of your feed more artistic.

#5. Experiment with video content

Video marketing can allow you to expand your creative abilities while also increasing your followership. Did you realize that videos can be extremely entertaining on Instagram?

You can make videos to help advertise your business, tell a story, present behind-the-scenes content, or interview your employees.

It will help you convey your message visually appealing while also making contact with prospective customers and customers.

Imagine that you’re using a brand new hashtag to market your brand. There are more opportunities for users of the Instagram user to engage with videos that tell an account about who you are. They will also follow you to learn more about you within an hour.


There’s no need to be too aggressive. Videos that are funny and engaging are authentic could boost your audience’s engagement.

If you’re required to upload a long video or a sequence that includes them, you may use IGTV to promote your business.

#6. Turn Your Followers Into Your Biggest Fans

There is no better ambassador for your company than your loyal customers. Before you embark on your cold outreach campaign to find new followers, you should start with your current customers or those familiar with you.

They could be your email customers, frequent customers, or your vast friends and family. They are likely interested in helping promote your business and helping you attract new customers.

Draft a post, and then ask your followers to post it to their social media profiles to highlight your new Instagram account. Inspire them to share the content with their followers.

Let them feel a part of your business, and don’t forget to thank them for their assistance.

#7. Share More Stories on Instagram

Everyone loves Instagram Stories. It’s why many brands use them to increase their engagement through interaction with their fans.

It is unlikely that everyone will be able to see your feed posts, but there is a greater chance that someone will catch your Stories.

Try various Instagram stickers or ask questions, and host a Q&A section. You can even live with a different brand or influencer to direct the followers to your account.

Make a plan regarding the type of stories you’d like to share, the frequency you’ll have to manage, and how they will assist you in reaching 1,000 users on Instagram.

#8. Be Consistent

The best method to gain the 1000 people who follow Instagram in the shortest time possible is to stick to your efforts.

It’s not easy to acquire real Instagram followers, but the rewards will be rewarded to your business.

Set aside time for outreach and engagement, scheduling posts and monitoring, and adhere to the schedule.

Make sure you are working with your goals and the resources available to maximize the opportunities to achieve Instagram advertising success.

That’s it!

The achievement of 1000 followers on Instagram is the initial step in your company’s growth. It’s crucial to create an effective strategy for marketing content that will allow you to include the development of followers in your overall plan.


Similar to the regular scheduling of posts, the growth of followers is another item on the list of marketers’ priorities.

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