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How to treat lower back pain in the morning after sleeping?

Have you ever woken up from bed with unexpected lower back pain? If your answer is yes, let us tell you you are not alone. Lower back pain in the morning can affect anyone of any age. However, it often becomes common after you cross your late 20s. When you move out of your bed in the morning, a sudden cramping pain hits your lower back. This can be chronic and can spoil your morning mood. This pain is usually stiff and resists for longer periods. However, the symptoms may subside after you move a little bit. If you or anyone you know is going through adverse changes of lower back pain, you can consider talking to the experts of Healing Hospital Chandigarh.

Lower back pain and some related facts

Morning back pain can be periodic. Some people experience this more often than others. This is one of the persistent pain that can disturb your sleep and can hinder your activities throughout the day. It can also happen because of the certain significant issues like:

  • stress
  • poor posture
  • underlying medical conditions like low blood pressure or weakness

What causes morning back pain?

  • Sleeping positions

If you notice back pain every morning, there can be a chance that you may develop bad posture. Poor sleeping positions can put pressure on your spine, causing the natural curve to flatten. This pressure can bring discomfort to your spine. If you are a sleeper who frequently sleeps on the side of the stomach, you may likely experience back pain more regularly. You can consider changing your positions for better sleep. Doctors often recommend sleeping sideways that doesn’t put much pressure on the spine and the stomach. You can take a pillow beneath your knees or below your waist. If sleeping on the side of your stomach is more comfortable for you, you can use a pillow below your pelvis or lower abdomen.

  • Bad mattress

If you are taking care of your posture while sleeping then there can be chances that your mattress may require a change. You can try switching your mattress with a new one. This will help you improve your sleeping. According to science, the lifespan of a mattress is nearly 9 years. After this much time, you should try changing your mattress to a new one. Otherwise, you can feel discomfort, stress, and back pain. Before choosing the next mattress it is better to talk to specialists or the professionals regarding the choice.

  • Pregnancy

It is one of the common symptoms of Lower back pain in the morning. Some women may experience lower back pain as early as 8 weeks of their pregnancy. Pregnancy is more likely to hit your back between the fifth and seventh months. This is because pregnancy often produces stress and strain on your lower back. You may also develop lower back pain after sleeping for longer hours. This pain becomes common in the morning and creates prolonged stiffness and muscle tightness. To reduce discomfort, you can try stretching and regularly exercising every morning or evening. In this regard, you can talk to your gynecologist about which exercise suits you best. If the pain persists, you can try using a warm compress that may help you alleviate your pain.

  • Disc degeneration

Degenerative disc disease is one of the most problematic and triggering issues. It develops after you reach your 30s and your body starts wearing and tearing. It is one of the age-related medical conditions that generally deteriorates your vertebrae. This generally develops intense pain and discomfort that may become worse till morning. Disc degeneration is being treated with the help of pain relievers, injections, and other medications. Your doctor may suggest you wear a corset and brace for back support.

What are the best treatments for morning back pain?

Lower back pain in the morning can make you feel down the whole day. It can affect your productivity and can impact your quality of life. However, you can perform the following exercises. These exercises may help you, particularly with lower back pain.

  • Stretches in bed

Stretching and exercising can help you a lot with back pain. These two are the best ways to beat any kind of pain and disorder in the human body. While you are lying down on your bed, you can try stretching. Move your arms up and above your head or as far as you can. At the same time, stretch your feet as much as you can. Bring the knees towards your chest and hold the position while you are stretching your lower back. You can gently move your body from side to side like a pendulum. Once you are done with your stretching, you can put your feet on the ground and shoulder-width apart. Reach your arms up or above your head again and move side to side to do all the stretching.

  • Planks

It is one of the best ways to work with your whole body. It affects your core muscles and makes you feel stronger with strong abdominal muscles. This stretching or exercise puts less strain on your back. Doing a plank can help you alleviate your back pain and get rid of lower back pain, especially that is impacted by weather changes. To do a plank, you may require to facedown on the floor. Now, curl your toes, and keep your forearms and elbows in the line with your wrist. Lift your body and push your back. While you are pushing your lower back, keep your chin close to your neck. Hold the position at least for 30 minutes. This will help you tighten your abs and will punch your stomach. Lower the back and repeat the same for the next time.

  • Mini-cobra

It is also called cobra stretch. This is one of the best-known yoga stretches that can help you with lower back pain in the morning. This is similar to plank but in this stretching, you are not including your lower back. For doing mini-cobra, you will have to lie down on your stomach. Line up your sides on each side of the head. Your elbows and forearms should lie straight to your palms. Slowly push your palms and forearms into the floor while you are lifting your chest. Move your neck slightly half upward and keep looking forward like you are pointing towards something. Hold the stretch for at least 10 seconds and repeat the same.

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