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Healthcare Marketing Agency

Inbound marketing benefits healthcare marketing agency

The healthcare marketing agency has a lot of development potential. It now employs more than 2 million people (doctors, pharmacists, nurses, caregivers, orthoptist, physiotherapists, etc.).

New services are developing in the value chain, and communication channels are organizing contact points to provide specific information to the players in the sector. We find common use, such as publishing on social networks and marketing. But if the industry is going digital, it seems that the digital marketing strategy is not yet fully exploited:

  1. How do we communicate while considering the sector’s regulations and legislation?
  2. How to Adopt a Healthcare Content Strategy: Content marketing has untapped potential in the agency?
  3. Know the uses of the webinar in the health sector?
  4. Why is inbound marketing good for the healthcare sector! How to become a digital player thanks to webinar marketing?


The law strictly prohibits communicating to the end customer/consumer about prescription drugs or health services often managed directly by doctors. This is to avoid self-medication and self-treatment. This gives a very strict framework for developing a marketing campaign, communication on open digital channels such as social media or websites, and promotion on content platforms of all types (blog, webinar, channel, etc.).

If strategies may exist: communicate directly to professionals or on related issues that the products solve; marketers need to address the address related to these processes at two levels. Expertise on one side and relevance on the other while respecting the regulatory framework and legislation.

As premium content, the webinar is part of the response to these different communication flows. Therefore, inbound marketing can effectively respond to all the issues and adjust to this field under digital development, thanks to the webinar content strategy.

The healthcare website design, allows our customers to keep control of the recipients of webinars to avoid the problem of confidentiality! The marketing webinar is supervised and complies with the French regulations in force. You have access to a media platform and a qualified community with major players from the health sector.

But you can also develop your channel and let us take care of your promotion before, during, and after your webinar! Webinar marketing is, therefore, a premium practice that will easily respond to all the issues of your communication strategies.


Digital health is, among other things, a vector of innovation. And this is true in all sectors. But because healthcare marketing is developing, becoming a player in E-health should be a priority issue in all companies in this environment or at least an effective element of comparison to understand the key success factors.

And it doesn’t matter if you’re developing a product or a service. Content strategy is a step you can’t skip. This will give you visibility and notoriety and allow you to communicate your expertise. As a result, you will be able to engage and convert your customers more effectively.

In addition, a study by CMI / Compass has shown a change in the habits of practitioners since 2017:

  •  48% of GPs are increasingly inclined to refuse to meet face-to-face with company sales representatives.
  • 53% of marketing relationships established by laboratories with professionals in the sector are created without the intervention of a salesperson.

In terms of uses, we can also see that health professionals do a lot of monitoring on the web to find out about developments or train in various techniques:

  •  But only 58% of healthcare marketers have a blog compared to 74% in other sectors.


Content marketing is, therefore, under-exploited!

Defining a real strategy with precise objectives is therefore necessary. Specific training to acquire the basics of digital marketing and the tools to test its campaigns in Test & Learn can be offered to you.

Healthcare marketing leads you to think about your digital processes. It goes from strategy to practice! These courses are aimed at both marketing professionals and non-professionals. Fundamental to the development of the sector, these new resources support you in all strategic areas and the development of quality content for your digital communication.

A Healthcare marketing agency allows you to implement your digital strategy: from marketing to connected objects, including your SEO/SEA, health data, and mobile health. New technologies are also an omnipresent core target in this sector.


The webinar is a video broadcasting tool very similar to videoconferences. But more interactive. You will find many applications that can largely satisfy the entire diffusion/formation spectrum. In recent years, this medium has evolved in the marketing field to make it an element of communication in its own right. The marketing webinar is premium content that fits perfectly into your inbound marketing strategy.

Training is a specific field that covers many sub-fields in the health sector. This ranges from “Health at work” to expert webinars such as “The presentation of new devices in daily practice in interventional cardiology.”

A Healthcare marketing agency is a company that carries out major international expertise projects. Most of the experts here come from surgery. You can even follow an operation live!

But if training is a particularly relevant use in this sector, marketing and communication are just as coherent and necessary for each of the companies in the sector, especially with the arrival of digital and all the players who are beginning to measure the returns. The Website offers specific formats related to webinar marketing. You have the opportunity to have access to an active community made up of major players from the sector!

So to design your content strategy, you will need to define your objectives first. For example, why communicate, and on what subject? Basically, what are your targets!

Because if you know your potential customers, webinars will be all the more effective in your inbound marketing strategy and digital transformation. The marketing webinar improves the quality of your communication and leaves your interlocutors actors.


Communicating one’s expertise, especially in the field of health, is an exercise that requires thinking differently from other sectors. The use cases vary according to the segments. You will not have the same strategy, nor even the same targets depending on what you want to disseminate as information.

Doing inbound marketing does not differ much from the techniques already used today in the health sector. This is why we can consider this evolution as “natural”:

  1.  To attract
  2.  Convert
  3.  Conclude
  4.  Loyalty

Healthcare marketing is a practice derived from inbound marketing and can easily be integrated into your overall strategy. It is premium content that allows you to identify your targets more specifically.

Choosing the Website platform means having access to an active and qualified community. This means that out of 100 participants in a webinar at a Healthcare marketing agency70% will come from our community! You can also access information on the number of live or replay participants. During your webinars, the room with which you present your online conferences allows you to discuss with your participants, place call-to-actions, and distribute other content, such as white papers.


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