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Introducing The Most Classic Bape T-Shirts Of All Time

Introducing The Most Classic Bape T-Shirts Of All Time

BAPE was the first Japanese streetwear brand to achieve mainstream notoriety in the United States. During the late ’90s, The Notorious BIG wore. by the mid-2000s. Soulja Boy, Kanye West, and Pharrell were evangelizing the brand everywhere. Since then, the brand has experienced mainstream success and then a low-value selloff a few years later. StockX has remained strong throughout it all. Consistently selling out drops and reselling everywhere. The most popular products are BAPE T-shirts. Particularly those with BAPE’s most popular patterns and logos. A breakdown of BAPE’s most iconic tees, including the College Tee, Baby Milo, and Ape Head.

T-Shirt Featuring An Ape Head

He was inspired by the 1968 film Planet of the Apes when he founded BAPE in the early 1990s. This is the original BAPE logo and can be found as the basis for a number of others. Popular BAPE T-shirt graphics. The College T-shirt and the Busy Works T-shirt both feature graphics based on the Ape Head. BAPE was founded with this logo as the foundation. And since its inception, it has become one of the most recognizable in the world. Here you’ll find a selection of BAPE Ape Head T-Shirts. StockX offers a variety of tees here.

T-Shirt For College          

The College logo by BAPE is possibly the most popular T-shirt design that the brand currently releases. In 1996 the design has introduced a hoodie. The design certainly draws inspiration from the classic American collegiate tee. With block lettering all around the logo, this t-shirt is literally called the “College Tee”. The colorway is both familiar and unfamiliar at the same time. The use of multiple logomarks makes each release unique. Browse BAPE College T-shirts below and every College T-shirt StockX has to offer.

T-shirt with a shark design

Next to the Ape Head, the BAPE Shark logo may be the brand’s most popular logo. BAPE began releasing Shark Logo hoodies in 2004 that quickly became a status symbol. Demonstrating not only that you were in the know but that you are willing to spend more than $400 on a hoodie.T-shirts with the Shark Logo are also very popular. Making an impact at a lower price point by demonstrating a sense of expertise and demonstrating a sense of relevance. shark logo StockX has to offer here.

This Is A Baby Milo T-Shirt

BAPE can be a bit intimidating at first. In the nature of BAPE prints are large and the logos are bigger than life itself.  It was a way for Nigo to create something of a kids’ character whose name evolved into Baby Milo, and who would toddle around the BAPE universe. Since its inception, Baby Milo has become a staple in the BAPE universe. It is one of BAPE’s most popular logomarks that never seems to fade from memory. As if this cute little monkey was not enough to disarm you. Baby Milo commands the lion’s share of Milo’s collaborations with the brand. Becoming the star of partnerships such as BAPE x Dragonball Z or BAPE x The Mandalorian. They can easily be accessible to anyone, and they are adorable. Check out a few of our favorite BAPE Baby Milo T-shirts below and check out the rest of the Baby Milo catalog on StockX here.


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