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earwax blockage

Issues That We Face From Earwax Blockage

What Is Earwax Blockage?

Earwax blockage occurs from the excess buildup of earwax. It happens when the body produces too much ear wax. This earwax is important to protect us from dust and other foreign particles but if it becomes too much (earwax blockage) it can lead to loss of hearing in the ear. 

The loss of hearing normally lasts until you have the earwax taken out by a doctor or by using home treatment. 

What Causes Earwax Blockage?

While it is normal to have ear wax, it protects us from debris. In a typical situation, the earwax will naturally clear after some time to ensure that there is no blockage. But sometimes you may produce more earwax than normal which leads to ear wax blockage or if you push the wax deep into the ear canal. 

There are several reasons why you could develop earwax blockage. The warm water softens the earwax and it’ll come out by itself. They include:

  • The use of cotton buds
  • Natural production of excess ear wax
  • Bobby pins
  • Napkin corners
  • Keys


How can you tell if you have earwax blockage? Well, the main symptom is a loss of hearing in the ear. Other symptoms include:

  • Having a sensation of fullness in the ear where the blockage is.
  • Earache
  • Hearing strange noises in your ear like a buzzing or ringing sound.
  • Dizziness
  • Cough, caused by pressure from the earwax blockage

How Can You Treat Earwax Blockage?

There are two main treatment alternatives. You can have it treated at a doctor’s office or you could use a home care treatment. 

In a doctor’s office, your doctor will make use of a curette or another device to remove the earwax

If you would want to use the home care method to remove your earwax blockage, you can try mineral oil, glycerine, or baby oil to help soften the earwax to remove it. Use an eyedropper to put in a few drops of any of the oils into your ear canal for 4-5 days. Once the earwax becomes soft, it will come out on its own. Another home care method of earwax blockage is the use of warm water. The warm water softens the earwax and it’ll come out by itself.

Who Is At Risk Of Developing Earwax Blockage? 

Some people have a higher propensity to develop earwax blockage. Some of these people include:

  • People with narrow ear canals
  • People that have hairy and ear canals
  • People that have osteomata 
  • If you have eczema or different skin conditions, you are at risk of developing earwax blockage
  • Older people


While you could treat earwax blockage at home with simple home care techniques, a doctor will offer you proper and better treatment that will not lead to more complications. Earwax obstruction is caused by a deposit of earwax. It occurs when the body creates an excessive amount of ear wax. Make a meeting with your health care practitioner once you start to notice the symptoms of an earwax blockage. 

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