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Jeans For Men

Are you looking for jeans that would perfectly fit you? Choosing jeans is not easy as well as simple for most men since there are limited choices when it comes to the different jeans that are available in different stores as well as through online however, you do not need to worry because Voi Jeans now offers you wide selection of different jeans most especially for men. Not only that, Voi Jeans also offers different kinds of clothing that are perfect for different kinds of men.

What are the skinny jeans for men?

Skinny jeans for men, as the name suggests, are the type of jeans which follow the line of the lower part of your body, in order to form a perfect fit against your legs. There are, however, several differences between skinny jeans for men and for women, and the major ones would be: the loose part around the crotch and the waist area, and of course – the color of the jeans. It may come to you as a surprise, but most men who wear these jeans describe them as extremely comfortable and enjoyable to wear, contrary to the opinion of masses.

The trend is changing:

While skinny jeans went in and out of style for the past few decades, they definitely hold a strong reputation of being trendy nowadays. You can surely remember various famous rock stars like Jim Morrison, Elvis Presley, Rolling Stones, The Beatles and others… What did they all have in common (except for the music taste)? They all wore skinny jeans! However, after the famous rock period of 70s and 80s, men’s skinny jeans went out of style and were since considered to be ‘feminine’. Today, they are back in trend and are often associated with people who listen to the rock music genre.

How to choose the right jeans?

When buying a pair of jeans, the first thing most men pay attention to is the color and the style of the jeans. This is even more important when buying these jeans. Why? Because you don’t want to choose a girly color with girly samples that will make you look rather funny and awkward. Go for blackish, brownish or bluish color. These colors are manly and will make you feel good.

Second thing: pay attention to the dimensions! You want them to be fit but you don’t want to rip them apart once you sit down! You have to make sure that the pair you choose is comfortable. I reckon there’s no need for explaining that NOT everyone can wear these jeans. It’s a matter of figure – your lower part of the body has to be relatively slim, if you don’t want to look funny. The third most important thing when purchasing skinny jeans is not to buy high waisted jeans. It’s just not the way these jeans are worn. The waist has to be quite low, but not too low.

How to wear them?

Attitude – Attitude is what makes all the difference in the world when it comes to wearing skinny jeans. If you wear them with pride, self-esteem and confidence, you will look like a strong individual who isn’t bothered by the opinions of narrow minded people around him. But if you wear them with a lack of certainty and confidence, you will look confused, lost and funny. Make sure you justify your style by wearing your jeans with attitude! For best appearance, these jeans should also be carefully coupled with a matching pair of shoes, and a T-shirt with simple horizontal stripes. Make sure you choose a slim T-shirt to compliment your jeans.

Who Wear Skinny Jeans Today:

These days you mostly see either glamorous crowd that wear tight designer skinny jeans, or teenagers who wear them with sneakers or dress shoes (which actually is really a good combination, if you know how to choose the items to complement the individuality of your body complexion) with the majority of population preferring the regular fit types of jeans. However, sometimes you don’t have the regular types of jeans that would fit your waist, for example, and that’s when the skinny jeans are chosen instead.

Are Skinny Jeans So Risky For Men To Wear?

Not all jeans are equally skinny, so if you want to avoid looking like a little boy just choose those that are a bit wider. The extremely skinny jeans are indeed usually worn by emo people or those who are really into fashion trends and don’t mind looking a bit feminine. There is a bit of charm to those images, if we were to be honest, but we don’t expect most male population to understand it, and let’s face it – the topic of fashion is mostly a women’s topic, not men’s.

Designer Jeans For Men Fashions:

Once considered only for leisure wear jeans are worn more than any other clothing item by women and men. In fact, men prefer wearing designer jeans for not only the comfort, but for the fashion statement. Combined with a dress jacket and a pair of men’s dress shoes the look is replacing men’s suites. Men’s clothing can be a combination of style and comfort that is appropriate for the business world, and a night out on the town. This luxury of comfort and fashion does not come from other non designer brands of jeans. They can be worn with T shirts for a casual look, or pair them with men’s dress shirts for a more dressy style.

Designer jeans provide men with great style and comfort as well as quality. There are several varieties of styles to select from. Aside from style, there are different washes, colors, rises and cuts. One will also be able to choose styles from boot cut, straight leg, relaxed fit, and slim fit, just to name a few. The possibilities for putting together several combinations almost endless. Choosing from the vast variety of designs and styles of designer jeans will make a positive statement about men’s fashion.


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